Posted: October 21st, 2022

Database design and implementation | Computer Science homework help

Lanchester Liners Hospitality Database – 100 Marks (15%) Assignment – 85 Marks Presentation – 15 Marks Handed out on 21st Oct 2014. Due in 1:00pm (Before Lecture-hard copy) on 25th Nov. 2014. Database Design and Implementation A corporate hospitality database is required to support the world-wide operations of Lanchester Liners. The main requirement is to hold information about their ships, the ports visited where hospitality is offered, and any corporate team-building events organised on-board. The modelling process has identified the following information requirements: Ship information about ships: ship number, ship name, tonnage, build date and speed. Port information about ports: The port id, port country and the port name Event information about events: The event identifier and the event name. ShipPort information linking ships and ports. PortEvent information linking ports and events. The schemas of the generated tables, with the primary keys underlined, are as follows: Ship(shipNo, shipName, tonnage, buildDate, speed) Event(eventId, eventName) Port(portId, portCountry, portName) ShipPort(shipNo, portId) PortEvent(portId, eventId) The information related to these schemas is shown in Appendix A. Task You are required to create an Oracle database that will support the queries listed below. You should select appropriate data types for each of the attributes in the tables. The database should be populated with the sample data provided in Appendix A. Clearly you will have to deduce the data from the table (Appendix A) that should be entered in the individual tables and insert additional information when required. You should submit the following in the form of a simple report. You should include a print of the Oracle spool file as an appendix. Table creation, database population, SQL queries and report. Create tables and insert all the…

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