Posted: October 21st, 2022

Create instructions for a technical device or procedure, preferably

Create instructions for a technical device or procedure, preferably one in your own field (if you are fairly new to your field, you should create instructions for a device or procedure used in your hobby). The instructions should be for a specific process, task, or product. These instructions should be relevant and informative for your intended audience, and must include all of the following elements:

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  • Clear and limiting title
  • Informed content
  • Descriptions and specifications
  • Visuals (Diagrams, Icons, Illustrations)
  • Appropriate level of detail and technicality
  • Logically ordered steps
  • Notes, hazard notices, safety information
  • Sections, headings, and (if necessary) appendices

Further, your instructions need to be clear and readable and have an effective visual design.

Consider carefully the economic, environmental, and societal impact your instructions will have for the intended users, as well as how they would transfer to a global audience. Have you engineered the instructions so your audience can successfully complete the task?

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