Posted: October 16th, 2022

Victim m3 a1 | Criminal homework help

Topic for your initial post: Several types of violent victimization were discussed in this module. Your task is to select one and write about the following (you can choose a violent crime that we didn’t discuss if you can relate it to victimology and the factors below):

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  1. Explain the extent or reach of the crime you selected. Use the UCR, NIBIRS, NCVS, or other data source to find this information.
  2. Explain characteristics of the crime and the victims of the crime, including effects experienced as a result of the violence. Are there secondary and tertiary victims as well?
  3. Discuss how society views victims of this crime.
  4. What you think we can do to reduce this type of violence. Be detailed and explain why you think your solutions will help.
  5. Find an article that relates to the crime you selected and share the link in your post.

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