Posted: October 14th, 2022

Customer experience | Management homework help

Topic of assignment EA sports

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need to answer the questions according to this topic.   

What open-ended questions and perception metrics would you ask to support the key measurement.

What do you feel about the customer service you received?Why might you use this product or service again?What do you like best about your experience?What influences your purchase or ordering decision?What do you think the company can do to improve your experience?What are your primary questions or concerns about this product or service?What do you prioritize when shopping online?Who would you recommend this product or service to?How well does this product or service meet your needs?How do you prefer a customer service team handles your possible complaints?

When you look at all the information together, what is your strategy?

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Here is an example of a strategy:

We want to increase customer loyalty as measured by NPS to drive lower churn rates and a greater share of wallet. This will require the redesign of the current experience supported by a closed-loop customer engagement program.

Essentially, for the strategy, document 1) what are you doing, 2) how will you know you are succeeding and 3) how do you drive continuous improvement.

Identify the key plans required to ensure the achievement of the strategy. (Plans will be detailed in Exercise 8, Governance).

Identify the elements of each of the strategic plans that the governance team will coordinate (but not own).

Are there enterprise initiatives?

– individuals create – – access and use- – Modify – – retire data –

What are the KPI’s?

– Customer Effort Score (CES)- Total Sum of Customer Effort Survey Scores / Number of Survey Responses = Customer Effort Score- If you’re using Emoticons or a simple Agree or Disagree scale, you can subtract the number of negative responses from the positive responses. The neutral responses can be ignored. This is similar to how Net Promoter Score (NPS)is calculated.- % “Happy” Customer Effort Survey responses / % “Unhappy” Customer Effort Survey responses = Customer Effort Score-  

Who is on the Customer Advisory Council?

– Managers 

How often will they meet, what is the agenda?

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