Posted: October 9th, 2022

1500 word essay | Psychology homework help

The Final Project is a 1500 word (1,500 words is 3 pages single spaced, 6 pages double spaced) critical persuasive essay. Provide a cover page and a works cited page. Double space and size 12 New Times Roman font.

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 argue for or against the propositions within that specific topic, presenting sound reasoning, evidence, and analyses. Your presentation should be well-written, grammatically correct, and well-reasoned.


1Topic:Recently, many people have been attracted to the idea of living simply. That is, they want to reduce unnecessary household expenses and purchases of “stuff” they don’t really need. Some of this philosophy is inspired by the idea that wealth and possessions don’t really bring happiness and that one’s financial resources must be saved, in order to provide for later in life. Rather than possessions, one’s having “quality” time to relax, think, and spend with family and friends is more important than constant trips to the mall to buy more “stuff.”

However, there are consequences to spending less, especially in an economy like ours, where consumerism accounts for 70% of our economic activity. If people stop buying or even just cut down, other people, perhaps including themselves, will lose jobs. There are also the re-used products markets, which can cut into new demand for new production and services. Self-sufficiency also can play in, since whatever we are doing for ourselves, we do not have to spend for someone else to do those tasks for us.

There is also the consideration that many people closely identify, rightly or wrongly, with their day jobs or professions and derive personal satisfaction and/or self-esteem from the status attached to those jobs, occupations, or professions and from the quality of work that they do. They feel that they deserve the wages they make and that there’s nothing wrong with spending that money any way they want to. So there are both individual and larger socio-economic factors here. Where do you come down on these issues. Defend your position logically and with as much evidence as you can find.


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The Final Project must follow this structure:

   Introduction of the Topic and your position (Topic Paragraph);

   Statement of your position and supporting Argumentation;

   Statement and development of at least one substantive objection to your position;

   Rebuttal of the objection;

Conclusion indicating what you have argued and demonstrated.

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