Posted: October 2nd, 2022

Write an assembly program | Computer Science homework help


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Write an assembly program that will read in a person’s name and then print it in lastname, firstname [middle name] order. The notation [middle name] means zero or more middle names. For example, using an input of: John James Smith.

You will print Smith, John James You will need to write a procedure that will read in characters until the enter key is pressed. Store the characters in an array of characters defined in your data segment. As you read the characters you will need to count the number of characters entered by the user, this may also be stored in a data segment variable. The maximum length of a name will be 80 characters.You will then need to start at the right end of the name and search backwards for a blank. At this point you can now print out the last name a comma and go back to the beginning of the array and print the rest of the name.Make sure to properly test your program before submitting it. You should test single names such as Rihanna, no name (hit enter key immediately), names with no middle name, and also multiple middle names.

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