Posted: October 2nd, 2022

Scenario | Information Systems homework help


Scenario: Orwell’s Opus is a medium-sized local  bookstore in Global Springfield. The store sells books, stationery,  greeting cards, and literature-themed T-shirts, and sales are good in  the store. CEO Quincy Orwell intends to expand the business to  additional locations and to have the store’s website updated for better  online sales as well. The website potential will be addressed in this  unit’s assignment. The collection of data both in the store and online  through the website has Orwell rather nervous; he understands the  classification of each piece of information needs to be better defined.

Research online to learn about the sensitivity of data and classification levels.

For your initial post:

  • Explain how you would organize sensitivity levels for this client.  Consider classifications such as high-medium-low, numbered levels, and  labels such as public, private, and confidential.
  • For each classification or category, provide examples (such as how you would label driver’s license numbers).
  • Lastly, mention data that should not be gathered for this scenario.
  • Since much of this post will be generated by your own creativity, do  not use in-text citation, but do include a full APA 7th edition  reference entry at the end of the post for at least one source that  provided you with some ideas.

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