Posted: October 2nd, 2022

Respond to judy larsen post

My name is Judy and I am 39 years old. I moved to Kansas City, Missouri my senior year of high school because my mothers ex-wife was relocated here when she joined the FBI in 1999. My mother is medically retired from Folsom Prison due to severing a nerve in her ankle falling down the stairs in one of the guard towers. I grew up watching Cops, and my roommate was actually featured in an episode in 2016.  My television is constantly on the Investigation Discovery channel. I want to become a parole officer to actually try and help people who are newly released from prison. I have known so many people who have been violated and sent to prison for the most ridiculous reasons and if their parole officer would have taken the time to help them instead of just violating them they would have been successful in staying out of prison. Simple things like helping them apply for their birth certificate so they can obtain an id and get employment, helping them find housing because they are homeless or get them in a treatment program instead of violating them and sending them back to prison for dirty UAs. Everyone I know says I won’t last as a parole officer but I am determined to prove them all wrong. 

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I think that the syllabus and assignment guide lines are written clearly enough that if we stick to them and follow directions we will be successful with this class. Getting reminders that assignments are going to be due in X amount of days would be helpful. I would love it if we could schedule a zoom meeting or something once a week or once every couple weeks to go over what we are learning and have the ability to interact with one another. Going through the assignments there are a few that I think would be helpful if we could talk about it as a group and throw ideas at one another. I know everyone has different schedules and it would be almost impossible to meet as a whole class but a study group would be nice.  I work for The Home Depots online contact center from 1pm EST-Midnight and it is almost dead after 6 pm so I’m always available if anyone else is interseted.

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