Posted: October 2nd, 2022

Overview you are excited to see the possibilities after finishing the



You are excited to see the possibilities after finishing the Business  Model Canvas Template. The next step is the development of the BMC  slide deck for review by the experienced former project manager  mentioned in the Module Four assignment.


In the BMC slide deck, you will make educated assumptions (based on  research in Marketline, Yahoo Finance, or the company’s website) about  your selected company’s resources, partnerships, cost structures (what  needs to be paid for), how the product or service will be marketed,  value delivery (product sold online, in-store, or both), and the unique  value proposition for a specific targeted market segment.

All 9 segments of your redeveloped BMC must encompass elements to achieve new product/service feasibility.

Beyond profitability, other key elements that the experienced project  manager stressed were diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), as well  as corporate social responsibility (CSR). In the marketplace, companies  that have diverse project teams get varied perspectives that help the  overall project. Just as important, companies that “give back” to the  communities they serve do better and are supported by millennial  buyers—a big target segment for many companies.

Financials, DEI, and CSR must be addressed in the funding pitch,  which you will complete as your course project, due in Module Seven.


You will create a slide deck that will help you expand on your BMC  chart in detail as you refine how your selected company will create  value for itself while delivering a new product or service for  customers. Complete the Milestone Two Template linked in the Guidelines  for Submission section for this assignment.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Deliver a unique value proposition. 
    1. Leveraging the blue ocean strategy, what makes the product or service unique?
    2. How does it provide a strategic advantage in the marketplace?
  2. Answer key business model questions about the customer. 
    1. Customer acquisitions
    2. Revenue models
    3. Price points for the product/service
    4. Key activities for the value proposition (product or service)
  3. Answer key business model questions about assets, partners, and cost. 
    1. Assets available
    2. Key partners
    3. Cost structures
  4. Import your existing business model canvas chart from Module Four.
  5. Clarify your business model assumptions. 
    1. Check your assumptions
    2. Complete the assumptions chart
  6. Prepare to meet customers. 
    1. Highlight the materials needed
  7. Update your documentation. 
    1. Targeted segment
    2. Type of value delivered
    3. How the product is unique
  8. Update your business model. 
    1. Complete any updates to the BMC chart

Guidelines for Submission

Submit the completed Milestone Two Template PPT. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Please see these 2 links below:

This resource provides an overview of revenue models and can be used to help you choose a model for your product/service:

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