Posted: October 2nd, 2022

How many people were contacted?

 Sampling is an essential element of modern quality management. However, the reason sampling works is that quality managers ensure that the selected sample is representative of the overall population of goods or services being controlled. How do managers assess whether a sample is truly representative? The text provides a series of questions to ask for evaluating the quality of a sample when sampling is carried out in the case of a survey, as follows:
How was the situation defined?
Who was surveyed?
How many people were contacted?
How was the sample taken?
How were the questions worded?
Is there any ambiguity?
For this discussion complete the following:
Find an example on the Internet of a survey that was carried out and corresponding data analysis presented.
Evaluate the degree to which the survey represents the overall population being sampled by answering each of the questions.
When doing so, state, based on question responses, whether you believe the sampling method used in the survey was appropriate or not.
After identifying your selected survey and providing responses to the questions, propose a list of questions that you recommend for evaluating non-survey data samples to ensure that samples taken from an operation (such as test data from assembled products) are representative of the overall population. 

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