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Exp19_excel_ch06_hoeassessment_scholarship_dinner | Computer Science homework help


 Exp19 Excel Ch06 HOEAssessment Scholarship Dinner

Excel Chapter 6 Hands-On Exercise Assessment – Scholarship Dinner


Project Description:

You have recently been elected social coordinator for your University’s student government association. As part of your duties, you are required to plan an annual scholarship dinner. The dinner is a fundraiser in which the proceeds are used to fund scholarships. You will perform What-If Analysis to calculate the budget information required for the event to be successful.


Start Excel. Download   and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch06_HOEAssessment_ScholarshipDinner.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 


Create range names   based on the left columns in the ranges A4:B9, A20:B20, and A30:B30. 


Edit the named range of_Guests_Using_Valet to Guests_Using_Valet.


Enter a formula in   cell B27 using Named Ranges to calculate projected cost of catering. The cost   of catering is the cost per meal * the total number of tickets sold.


Enter a formula in   cell B28 using Named Ranges to calculate total cost for room setup.


Enter a formula in   cell B29 using Named Ranges to calculate the total valet expenses. The total   valet expenses can be calculated by multiplying tickets sold * total guests   using valet * valet cost per car.


Use a function to   total all expenses in cell B30.


Enter a formula in   cell C32 to calculate the remaining balance (Total_Income – Total_Expenses).


Enter a series of   substitution values in the range E5:E20. The values should start at 50 and   increase in increments of 5 stopping at 125.


Enter references to   Total_income, Total_Expenses, and Balance in the correct locations (F4, G4,   and H4) for a one-variable data table. Use range names where indicated.


Complete the   one-variable data table in the range E4:H20 using cell B5 as the column input   cell, and then format the results with Comma Style.


Type Price   in   cell E4 and apply custom number formats to make the formula references appear   as descriptive column headings. In F4, Total Income; in G4, Total   Expenses,   in H2, Balance


Copy the range E5:E20   and paste it in the range J5:J20.


Type 400   in   cell K4. Complete the series of substitution values from 400 to 525 in   increments of 25.


Enter the reference   to the Balance formula in the correct location for a two-variable data table.


Complete the   two-variable data table in the range J4:P20. Use cell B4 as the Row input   cell and B5 as the Column input cell. Format the results with Comma Style   formatting.


Apply a custom number   format to make the formula reference appear as a descriptive column heading Price


Load the Solver   add-in if it is not already loaded. Set the objective to calculate the   highest Balance possible (C32).


Use Tickets Sold   (cell B4) and Ticket Price (cell B5) as changing variable cells. Do not use   range names.


Use the Constraints   section of the spreadsheet model to set constraints for minimum ticket price,   maximum ticket price, and ticket sales. The ticket price must be less than or   equal to the maximum ticket price (cell B14). The ticket price must also be   greater than or equal to the minimum ticket price (cell B13). The total   tickets sold must be less than or equal to the ballroom capacity and the   number of tickets sold must be an integer. 


Solve the problem.   Generate the Answer Report and Keep Solver Solution.


Save and close   Exp19_Excel_Ch06_HOEAssessment_ScholarshipDinner.xlsx. Exit Excel. Submit   the file as directed. 

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