Posted: October 2nd, 2022

Assignment 7 on chapter 8 step


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Assignment 7 on Chapter 8 Step 1: Write the class declaration for class Square that has a private instance variable side of type double and a no-argument constructor that sets the side to 1.0 by calling a method named setSide that you will declare in step 2. Step 2: Write a method setSide for the class you defined in step1. Set the side variable to the argument of the method. Also make sure that the side is not less than 0.0. If it is, keep the default setting of 1.0. Step 3: Write a method getSide for the class you modified in step2 that retrieves the value of instance variable side. Step 4: Define another constructor for the class that takes one argument, the side, and uses the Square’s set method to set the side. Step 5: Write a method computeArea for the class that computes the area of a Square. Step 6: Define a toString method for the class that will return a String containing the value of side and the area of the Square.

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