Posted: August 7th, 2022

Unit 8 as: final paper/final research report

The Final Paper/Final Research Report must be approximately 15-typed pages/5200 words of text,12 pt. font (Times New Roman), double-spaced, 1–inch margins all sides. See below and the Unit 8 Lecture for additional details and requirements. This Assignment must include the following elements: 

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  • Cover page including, title, student’s name, course name, section number, Instructor’s name 
  • Abstract 
  • Research Problem Statement 
  • Literature review ranging from 6 to 8 pages in length 
  • Method, at least 2 pages in length, including purpose of study, study population and sample, procedure, and ethical implications of your research project and design and instrument • Results, at least 2 pages in length, plus charts/graphs/tables, including data, analysis, and explanation 
  • Discussion and Conclusion, at least 3 pages, including purpose, key findings, comparison against literature, limitations, and recommendations 
  • Reference page including properly formatted reference citations for 10 credible sources, with at least 6 sources from peer-reviewed scholarly journals, as specified by instructor

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