Posted: August 7th, 2022

tesla strategic analysis part a assignment mgmt6800: business

  Tesla Strategic Analysis Part A  Assignment

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MGMT6800: Business Policy and Strategy CAPSTONE PROJECT DUE: TUESDAY WEEK 8 BY 11:59PM EST Individual Assignment—300 Points MGMT 6800usiness Policy & Strategy 

**NOTE: This is an individual assignment, however if you would like to work in a group instead, that is an option available to you. Please contact the professor during week one to discuss further if interested. 

ASSIGNMENT: This interdisciplinary capstone core course focuses on how to create, identify and manage competitive advantage within an organization. Each student will be required to prepare a professional report that provides a detailed and thorough strategic analysis of a corporation chosen by the student. The term professional means that it is well written, well sourced and analytical. The report will be graded on its effective use of strategic management concepts and shall constitute thirty percent (30%) of a student’s final grade. The purpose of the assignment is to provide the student the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the process of strategy development and analysis, rather than complete a detailed task list for the assignment. The strategic plan analysis Part A should be no more than thirty (9) pages. 


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The strategic plan analysis structure is outlined below and shall include the following: 

I. Executive Summary 

a. Industry – history/description

b. Leading Companies in the Industry (2) – their history/background; strategic leadership, vision, mission

c. Your Company – brief description, history, position in industry. 

II. External Environment Analysis 

a. General Environment – Trends/Factors of Technology, Demographic, Economic, Political/Legal, Socio-cultural and Global

b. Industry Environment – For example, Porter’ Five Force or a Strategic Group Map

c. Competitor Environment – Future Objectives, Current Strategies, Assumptions, Capabilities.

d. Include within the external environment analysis Driving Forces and Key Success Factors.  
PLease maintain the paper subtopics and within them answer in smaller topics with discussions. 

APA format and 8 Sources are required 

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