Posted: August 7th, 2022

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Unit III PowerPoint Presentation

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Create a 12-slide presentation on types of data, answering the questions below. Use the following guide to prepare your slide presentation.

1) Slide 1: Include the title, your name, course number, course name, and instructor. 

2) Slides 2–3: Provide an overview of your district/school (Montgomery City School, Montgomery, AL) (e.g., demographics, faculty experience). 

3) Slides 4–6: List the types of summative data that exists for your district/school using the state department of education website. Provide a link to the school district’s data. 

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4) Slides 7–8: List the formative classroom assessment available and used in your chosen content area within your classroom. 

5) Slide 9: Is there a clear link between the summative institutional (district/school) and formative student data collected? What is that connection? 

6) Slides 10–11: Why is it important to evaluate programs, such as an adopted reading curriculum or online math program, used within a school? Does this happen in your district? 

7) Slide 12: What action research data collection format will most likely fit your literature review and proposed focus area from Unit II? How can existing summative or formative data support this proposal? 

8) Slide 13: How is data shared with the public (students, parents, community members)? Do you think the current dissemination of data is effective? What might help it be more effective? 

9) Slide 14: Include a references slide.

You can use the information from reliable sources. (Note: Unmonitored websites such as Wikipedia are not acceptable.) (You must use the slide notes function to explain slide contents.) Be sure to cite your sources in a reference slide, using proper APA Style. The title and reference slides are not included in the slide count.

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