Posted: August 7th, 2022

Finance 450: security analysis journal article summary report fall


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Finance 450: Security Analysis

Journal Article Summary Report

Fall 2017

Dr. Ammermann

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Read an article from the list of academic journals below and provide the following information:


Title and Author of Article


Name, Volume, Issue (and page numbers), and Year of   Journal


What research issue(s) does the article address? Why is   this important?


What data and methodology does the article use to   address this issue?


What are the major findings and conclusions of the article?


What did you find most interesting about the article?



List of Acceptable   Journals (must be double-blind refereed; the Wall Street Journal does not   count!):


· American Economic Review

· Economic Quarterly

· Financial Analysts Journal (published by the   CFA Institute)

· Financial Management

· Financial Review

· Financial Services Review

· Journal of Accounting Research

· Journal of Alternative Investments

· Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

· Journal of Asset Management

· Journal of Economic Literature

· Journal of Finance

· Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

· Journal of Financial Economics

· Journal of Fixed Income

· Journal of Futures Markets

· Journal of Investing

· Journal of Investment Management

· Journal of Portfolio Management

· Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management

· Journal of Wealth Management

·  Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

· Pacific-Basin Finance Journal

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