Posted: August 7th, 2022

Each question 200 word minimum 1.explain why a needs assessment is


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1.Explain why a needs assessment is necessary and who should participate in the process

2.Explain a competency model. How is it related to job analysis? Summarize the process used in developing a competency model

3.Using your own words, summarize the process for learner analysis.

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4.You have just been assigned as your organization’s training manager and must conduct a new needs assessment for a new project. Describe the method you would use.

5.In your own words, define training, and explain how training has evolved from training as an event to learning. Discuss the difference between learning and knowledge in your response

6.Discuss the steps involved in the training design process. Think of a training course you have experienced. Describe the training, and give examples of how you think the design process was used throughout the training.

7.Compare and contrast two learning theories. Which one do you believe is most effective? Why?

8.Describe the learning condition you think is most necessary for learning to occur. Use specific examples to support your answer.

9.500 WORDS Explain a lesson plan. Describe the different types of information found in a detailed lesson plan. Include in your discussion a design document and its usefulness

10. 200 words Conduct a phone or personal interview with a current or past manager. Ask this person to describe the role that training plays in the company and where he or she thinks the future of training is headed for the organization. Do you agree with the manager? Please justify your response. Use Microsoft Word to create your response. The write up should be between three pages in length, and all sources used need to be cited according to APA format. (Human Resource – Onboarding – OR Military training/Tech school Air Force


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