Posted: August 6th, 2022

Article one page summary | Sociology homework help


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The three explanations for cultural emotions are constructivist, biology, and cognitive. (See Powerpoint Elements of Cultural emotions (week 1)) We have been using various content from the film Do the Right Thing to analyze various elements of cultural emotions. We shift our attention to another form of content, newsprint. 


  1. Choose an article from any source and write a one-page statement on the cultural emotion (s). The article should be on a contentious issue in society where cultural emotion (s) are aroused and can be identified as physiological/biological, cognitive, and constructivist.
  2. When analyzing the cultural emotion (s) in the article, focus on issues constraining (threatening) and challenging (inspiring) various individual and group identities and social relations in either class/social status, gender, racial and ethnic, sexuality, and social movements (e.g., family separation protest; Black Lives matter; the Alt-Right etc.).
  3. In your analysis, use approaches (biology, cognitive, constructivist), methods (elements of emotions, intensity of emotions, relations of emotions) and theories of cultural emotions to explain, understand and interpret the cultural emotion (s) present in the article.
  4. Select/choose various “texts” from the article to illuminate/highlight the cultural emotion (s) and how the cultural emotion (s) “fit” the theory, method and approach.

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