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SIM335 Managing Projects


Task 1

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1) Projects can be divided into different types.

Describe the type of project you chose in Task 2.

2) What is scope management? What would you include in your managing scope statement to support the case study in Task 2?

What tool can you use to show sub-divisions of the scope of your work?

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It would make a huge difference if you created a Gantt chart for your entire project and identified the critical paths.

4) How would your decision-making process be if Task 2’s case study was a success?

5) There may be events that require minor or major modifications to the project plan.

What are your strategies for managing any changes to the project plan in the Task 2 case study?

6) What methods (project monitoring, control and evaluation) would you use to make sure Task 2 is completed on time and within budget?

Task 2: Case Study

JKB Bloggins Ltd specialises in the production and design of textiles for the automotive sector.

They supply major suppliers to many global car manufacturing plants.

Since its inception in the UK, in 1980, the company has enjoyed great success.

JKB Bloggins Ltd is now looking to expand their market share in the automotive industry. They plan on introducing new technology and machinery at a new UK manufacturing site as part of a strategy for expansion.

JKB Bloggins Ltd appointed you as the Project Manager for this unique project.

The Project budget for this project is PS12,000,000 pounds. This includes the purchase and construction of a manufacturing facility, which will be located off the North-East coast of England. It is open to all weather conditions.

New technology and machinery must be transferred from Asia, which will require staff training and the purchase of machines in Asia.

Team members will be recruited from JKB Bloggins Ltd employees, with some externally recruited.

They will be required to spend at least 12 months in Asia to acquire knowledge, experience, and help with the implementation of the new technology.

This project will allow for production to supply new customers orders by March 2018.

You are responsible for the start-up and transfer of new technology as a Project Manager.

You will need to outline, from a project management perspective, the activities necessary for successful management of this new initiative.

This analysis should cover the Project Manager’s skills and competencies, as well as the project management process.

Examples of the issues, Project Life Cycle stages and processes, leadership and management problems that are associated with this project’s lifecycle should be used.


Task 1

There are many types of projects, including:



Plan it

Project for equipment installation, not system installation

Events or relocation

Maintenance in the process industries

JKB Bloggins Ltd Company details and current issues were reviewed. It was determined that they are open to new technology and machines in order to reduce competition.

The project is classified in Equipment or system installations project.

These steps are required for the implementation of this project. They include design, testing, evaluation, and finally implementation.

Scope management can be described as a series of processes that guarantee the scope and assumptions of a project. These are precisely mapped out or defined in the project initiation phase.

The proper use of scope management tools and techniques will ensure that only the necessary and correct works are collected.

Proper scope management involves the project manager as well as the supervisor.

Project scope includes steps such as project planning, project control, and project closing.

The following are the steps the project head must follow to satisfy the consumer’s requirements within the estimated budget and time.

Determining the project requirements

Understanding the project goals and objectives

Budget and time estimation


There are many project management tools that can be used to manage project scope. These are the most popular:

Technique for group creativity development


Schedule development is essential to help reduce the workload of project team members.

Gantt chart is the best way to plan and organize activities.

Gantt charts can be used to track the progress of projects.

The Gantt chart can also be used to help project managers understand the delay or additional time requirements.

The Gantt chart can help you prioritize activities that are not essential.

There is however a distinction between the Gantt charts and the critical path.

The task dependencies are not visible in Gantt charts, but they can be identified using Critical Path method.

The case study provides two basic measures about the project. These are that the project must be completed by 2018 and that the project budget be at least PS12 million.

To ensure that the project succeeds, the project manager must verify that the project is being completed within the budgeted time.

A change management plan can be described as a list of activities that must be followed to manage the project’s change, control, and execution.

To avoid problems with implementation and deployment, the change management plans should be properly organized.

These are the steps to follow in order to make necessary changes within the project:

Demonstration the reasons why project changes are necessary

Determining the type of changes and their scope

Describe the support provided by stakeholders

The creation of a change management team

Development should be approached from the perspective of organization management

Make sure to identify stakeholder requirements

Resistance tracking

All roadblocks must be addressed

There are many methods for project management, including project evaluation, project monitoring, and project control.

However, monitoring one of the three methods will ensure that task 2 or net tech implementation is completed within budget and time.

Task 2: Report


JKB Bloggins Ltd, a well-known designing and manufacturing company, serves various global car part manufacturing companies.

After the company began trading in the United States in 2018, its global marketing and competencies became tangible and valuable.

The company is now willing to serve new technical aspects to increase their global competitiveness in the automotive industry, due to its rapid growth.

JKB Bloggins Ltd is open to introducing new technology and machines to expand their existing business strategies.

It will also allow the company to achieve measurable success in future.

The project manager should consider a budget and the time frame in order to complete the project on schedule.

Other requirements include the ability to lead and motivate the team.

Project managers must possess the necessary leadership skills and knowledge to meet the needs of both consumers and employees.

The workload should be divided according to the skills and experience of the employees in order to reduce the employee’s work load.

This will motivate employees, and they will feel fulfilled with their jobs and remain engaged in their work.

These are the steps required to complete a project.

This report also illustrates the administrative and control problems associated with the project life cycle.

The Project Manager will need to have the following skills and competencies

While a project may be well-conceived and properly funded if it has the right resource s, specialists and other top consultants with high levels of experience, without satisfied customers, the project will not be able to achieve measurable success in the competitive market.

The project manager should manage the team’s efforts and coordination.

The project manager’s responsibility increases depending on the complexity and size of the project.

The project manager for the JKB Bloggins Ltd. new technology development project must also have financial and technical skills.

These are the skills and competencies required of project managers:

Leadership skills: To be a successful project manager, the most important skill that a project manager must possess is leadership.

Project developers have the responsibility of leading the team by providing direction, motivation, and leadership.

The project manager should consider both the operational and strategic aspects of the project in order to solve intra- and inter-organizational conflicts.

Project managers need to use different tools and skills in order to organize all project team members into one line.

The project manager should create a positive environment and bring together all project team members to foster positive feelings.

To successfully implement a project, a project manager must have more than just management leadership.

It is possible by providing a clear project vision, roadmap, and empowerment.

Communication skills: There are four types of communication methods available in the business, including upward, downward and horizontal.

All of these approaches can be detrimental for both the business and managerial perspective.

To achieve measurable success in the competitive marketplace, open communication is the best and most beneficial communication strategy.

It can be stated that project managers must possess the communication skills necessary to motivate and engage their team members.

Communication is the key to any professional relationship.

Communication skills of project managers do not affect the project team members, but also all stakeholders.

A project manager must not provide continuous updates on the project. Instead, he or she should be more creative and innovative.

Project managers must also be able to manage change and innovating.

Communication will not be deemed the most effective until it can bring together all project team members and their ideas in one platform.

It is important that project managers have the ability to set up a channel that allows all members of the team to communicate their ideas and share their points of view.

Project management skills: The project manager must also have the ability to plan in order to successfully complete a professional project.

The members will be able to see the future responsibilities if they have a clear project management plan.

Time management: To ensure that a project is completed within budget and time estimates, a project manager must make sure that the work load is divided among project team members so that they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Projects can face serious problems despite having the right prevention mechanisms and accurate circumstances.

The project manager must also design a risk management plan that considers their consequences and frequency.

If the project manager fails these steps, the project could suffer severe financial loss.

Negotiation skills: Every project manager must have this skill to meet the needs of the stakeholders and the team members.

How to determine the different project management processes

The project development stages are crucial for project managers.

A project manager must consider the stages necessary to implement the project. This is based on the project outline and details.

These are the phases that have been used for this project:

Develop a project strategy

Preparation of projects

Development and testing of projects

Business readiness and project testing

Support for projects and realization of profit

Closing of the project

Project Concerns

Phases of the Project Life Cycle

To successfully complete a project, there are several steps that must be followed by project managers when developing an information technology-based project for JKB Bloggins Ltd. The following are the steps in the project lifecycle:

Project initiation: This is the first step in a project’s development.

The project manager must consider all required data and resources during this phase.

To complete the project, valuable sponsors and others who are necessary must be identified for capital investment.

In order to determine if the project will succeed or fail, the finance manager must also conduct a feasibility study.

If the project proves to be unprofitable, then it is important that you only initiate any necessary changes.

Project planning: This phase is based on the project initiation and the project manager begins to plan the project.

It is important to evaluate the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team.

Data are also collected and analyzed simultaneously.

This phase also estimates the budget and project time.

The budget for JKB Bloggins Ltd’s technology-based project is PS12 million. The project will take approximately 2018 to complete.

This phase involves all aspects of planning and execution.

In most cases, however, issues arise. To mitigate those issues, final risk management, scope and time management matrices must be developed at this stage.

Monitoring and project control: Project executives and project managers must monitor and control project requirements.

This would allow the project manager and team members to achieve valuable and effective results.

Project closure: This phase is the end of the project’s life cycle.

These activities include the final project documentation, stakeholder approval and the post-project maintenance plan.

Project Execution Processes

JKB Bloggins Ltd., a textile design and manufacturing company, has determined that it is able to compete globally by developing precise project phases.

For technical incorporation, the project team must have the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and experience.

They are open to developing a project that uses technology.

These are the steps the project manager must follow in order to make these changes.

Identification of the technology: This phase involves analyzing existing issues and identifying the technology that will solve the problem.

Preparation: This phase is based on the technical requirements. The estimated resources and funds will be allocated and estimated at this stage.

This will allow the project manager and project team to accurately prepare the project as per the requirements.

Design: This phase is based on the preparation and should be completed by technical experts.

Phase 2: Development and testing

Realize benefits: Project executives should make changes based on the ROI.

There are six types of leadership theories:

Great man theory

Behavioral theory

Transactional theory

Trait theory

Transformative theory

Contingency theory

The trait theory is the most relevant theory among all the theories.

The project team could easily identify the traits required by this theory.

Figure 1: The theory of trait leadership

Based on both successful and unsuccessful project leaders, the leadership trait theory was developed.

This theory allows you to easily measure the effectiveness of a leader in a successful project.

Before identifying the necessary leadership traits, it is important to distinguish between manager and leadership traits.

Leadership is something that can’t be learned. This means that leaders can learn, but managers cannot transform themselves into leaders easily through training and development programs.

The following are the essential traits that a project manager or leader must have when developing JKB Bloggins Ltd’s new technology-based project:

Capability to manage oneself

Strategic action power

Effective communicator

Responsible and accountable simultaneously

Set a clear and positive goal

Persistence in achieving the project goals

Project Management Lifecycle: Administration and Control Issues

To successfully complete the new technology-based project at JKB Bloggins Ltd, there are common problems with project management and control.

These are the problems:

Resource risks: The project management team must ensure that the assignment scope includes the quality and quantitative requirements.

If this is not done, then issues may arise during the execution phase regarding understaffing, equipment shortages or underfunding.

Financial risks: The project plan must be flexible and resilient to financial changes.

Project managers must be flexible in dealing with unexpected changes and other obstacles.

A project manager must also be able to accurately assess economic requirements at this stage.

Quality risks: All members of the project team are expected to do their jobs professionally.

Stakeholders should communicate their views on the project during both the planning and execution phases.

Each member of the project team must be given clear direction and motivation.

Project management: It is important that the project manager does not wait until the project is completed.

Processes can become more risky and must be monitored.

Closing Risk: This is the final phase of project management. The project manager should consider different factors, such as team performance, improvement processes and securing approval for the deliverables.


The overall discussion has revealed that customer satisfaction is the most important key matrix for business growth. It should be taken into consideration by project managers as well as the members of the project team.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a business.

The project managers need to focus on each factor in order to keep the customers loyal and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Customer satisfaction can also be described as a marketing term that measures the quality of a company’s products and services.

JKB Bloggins Ltd, a major supplier and manufacturer of car parts, is experiencing high-level issues because they lack technical applications.

The company plans to create an IT-based application to retain customers and keep them loyal to their services in order to address these problems.

This report also explains the leadership traits and characteristics that are required to make consumers loyal to their work. It also outlines the professional project management processes that must be followed.

The new technology project will allow JKB Bloggins Ltd to increase its supply and production, and reduce technical errors.

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