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Med 501 Introduction To Medical Education


Please indicate the features and factors you expect the MEU team should mention in describing the structure and content of their action plan.

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The MEU team must take measures to ensure that the plan they are developing is compatible with available and sustainable resources.

Which of these aspects would you like to see answered?

(i) List all sustainable resources (with examples) required to support the plan.

How can the MEU team make sure that resources are available?

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How would the Dean consider the following factors when inviting an External Reviewer team and planning the review to examine the new arrangements once they have been in place:

Please describe what needs to be considered and why.

(i) The most important things to remember when appointing a team and the reasons they are so important.

(iii) The most important things to keep in mind when planning an external review, along with the reasons why you chose them.


To improve clinical skills and exposure in medical schools, it is suggested to create a number of field placements in primary care settings to increase students’ clinical skills.

The Medical Education Unit (MEU), team has created the following action plans to make this change possible:

First, in order to maximize the impact of early clinical skills training, skill labs will be set up at medical schools.

Preclinical students will benefit from specialized teaching methods (Upadhayay 2017).

Early clinical skills education programs will use a patient-centred strategy to prepare students for patient-centered care.

The clinical skills educations program will be interactive and learner-centered so that students can easily absorb it (Force 2008).

The medical course curriculum will include clinical skills training via skill lab.

Students will learn basic skills such as auscultation, breast examinations, eardrum examinations, and breathing assessment.

The program will also teach students how to perform procedures such as intubation, cardiopulmonary rescue, catheterization, ECG interpretation, and other skills (Upadhayay 2017).

2. i.

Simulators, mannequins, equipments and teaching models are required to simulate the clinical environment and aid students in learning.

These are some of the learning opportunities that each resource offers:

Students can learn assessment, communication and physical examination skills for standardized patients.

Mannequins are a way for medical students to learn about cardiac, pulmonary, and other clinical examination techniques.

High-fidelity stimulators – These will improve teamwork skills and apply basic science to solve clinical problems.

Task trainers – They can help demonstrate basic procedures such as lumbar puncture or other clinical tasks.

Additional learning resources such as audio and video recordings, written resources, and discussion boards will also be needed (Force 2008).

The MEU team will ensure that all equipment is available.

To assist students in laboratory-based training, contact medical equipment suppliers and experienced trainers.

To ensure the availability of appropriate manikins, manufacturers of manikins are contacted.

The program will also include medical simulation centres that can replicate medical environments for clinical training and evaluation.

All these factors will help ensure that students are able to adapt the right resource and technique in order to achieve their desired proficiency in clinical practice (Burgess, et al.

3. i.

It will help to maintain the highest standards of clinical education.

This team would validate and evaluate the actions taken to develop an early clinical education program (Keating, 2014).

When appointing an external reviewer for clinical settings, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

They should have the ability to understand and apply skills and knowledge in early clinical education as well as skill-based lab training.

External reviewers will use clinical guidelines to review the entire process and make recommendations.

These are the things to be considered when planning an external review process:

External review must focus on safety and quality in the clinical setting.

This is crucial because basic skills trainings in clinical practice will provide the foundation for proficiency in clinical practice.

Quality and safety should be a priority.

To ensure that medical equipment procurement is compliant with regulatory requirements and accreditation, it will be necessary to assess the role of quality assurance models.

The Plan-Do-Study-Act model will be used to review the early clinical education program. This will ensure a positive outcome and effective outcomes.

This will allow for cyclical improvement at every stage (Ouslander and al.

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