Posted: June 30th, 2022

LITR 675 History Of The Essay


The Internet Christian Library has Luther’s 95 Theses.

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These propositions were written by Martin Luther to have a discussion with fellow theologians.

What do Luther’s issues illustrate about the problems of the Church of his time?


Martin Luther: 95 These

Martin Luther is one of the most prominent figures in western history. He was the one who wrote a document that criticized the corruption practices of catholic church churches.

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These churches were selling indulgences to dissolve the sin. Martin Luther’s document was called “95 theses” (Luther).

Martin Luther made loud mention of the selling of the salvation issue in the above-mentioned document.

He stated that the major problem faced by the churches during this period was “Disruption in the power and the efficacy of Indulgence”.

The state was not controlled by permanent governments, so the only control of the state was held by the churches.

They used this to create arbitrary laws that would benefit the church.

Martin Luther was against the rules of churches. His ’95 Theses’ were used to influence people to resist the arbitrarily made rules by the church. This led to the creation of a new section, the ‘Protestants.

The penalty and potential cannons that could be imposed only on living people were also mentioned in the document.

These penalties were imposed by priests who did not know the Bible scriptures.

People lived in terror and fear as the priest and pope used to punish everyone. However, Martin Luther’s recommendations suggested that they should offer remission to those who are truly deserving (Mullett).

This Martin Luther document is an attack on the corrupt priests of the pope at that time. The ’95 Theses’ instances are all about Protestant movements.

Martin Luther’s basic writings on theology.

Mullett Michael A. Martin Luther.

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