Posted: June 30th, 2022

ITECH5000 Programming


You will need to create documentation explaining the program’s function and how it is going to be tested.

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This stage does not require any coding or code testing.

You will find a document template available for you to use.

1) To learn more about the requirements for this program, please read Stage 2: Program Design.

2) Create an algorithm that explains how the program will work.

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You must include all program requirements, including the base, standard, and advanced, even if they are not included in your program code.

It is important that the algorithm be structured in a logical way so that it can function properly.

3. Prepare and document test case documentation that can be used for checking that the program is working correctly after it has been coded.

This stage does not require you to run test cases.

You must include all program requirements, advanced, standard, and base.

Ensure that the test cases include a review of the data entered by the user in order to ensure that valid data is accepted.

The user should be informed if they enter invalid data and offered another chance.

We haven’t covered exception handling so you can assume that the user will always input the correct type of value (i.e.

When an integer is requested, an integer will be entered.

c. Test cases should use a template such as the one below to document them.

If you would like, you can add additional information.

The Actual Result column is now blank.

Use the Design Documentation as a guide to help you create a Java program which allows users to enter their phone usage details and compare the bills that resulted from these usages under different billing plans.

These requirements can be broken down into three categories:

*Base Functionality is the minimum level of requirements required to complete the assignment’s essential components.

This section of requirements is focused on the implementation of the programming constructs that we have covered in class and getting the code to run.

These requirements will require constants, variables and loops. You should also look out for opportunities to use arithmetic and conditional operators wherever possible.

You will.

You will not get full marks for implementing a requirement even if it is successful if you don’t use the appropriate programming construct.

This level allows you to decide whether it is easier to code everything in one method or to make it modular.

* Standard Functionality means that the code is modularized and method calls are used for correct program flow.

It allows data to be passed from one method to the next as parameters.

It also allows for the implementation of a third billing plan that is slightly more complicated than the two used in Base Functionality.

Advanced Functionality is a challenging task and should be left unattended until all other requirements are met.

This requires you to look at the Java API in order to learn how to use a class that we haven’t covered. You can then apply this discount to calls made on weekends.


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