Posted: June 27th, 2022

“data modeling techniques to capture the information requirements”


“Data Modeling Techniques to Capture the Information Requirements” Please respond to the following:100 WORDS

In the entity relationship approach to modeling we analyze system requirements and classify our knowledge in terms of entities, relationships, and attributes. Entities are the things we decide to keep track of. For example, if one considers a system to support an educational environment, one is likely to decide that we need to keep track of students, instructors, courses, etc. Typically, entities are the people, places, things, and events that we need to remember something about. Entities and relationships have characteristics that describe them. For instance, the students may be described by the values for their names, ID numbers, and phone numbers. Consider a student named John whose ID number is 184 and his phone number is 283-4984. Research data modeling techniques and capturing information requirements.

Entity relationship modeling is a critical element of database design. If the database is not properly modeled, it is unlikely that the database will be properly developed. Using this knowledge, explain the key reasons why entity relationship modeling is important, and determine at least (1) way in which it impacts the overall development of the database.

Engage the following resource(s) to get started.
Illustration on ER Model to Relational Tables- 1 | Database Management System, ERD #2 Mapping ERD to Relations andEntity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Tutorial – Part 1


Entity Relation diagram is a diagram which describes entities. Main domain subjects we are referring to in database development, normally each such entity corresponds to a particular table in a relational database. Their attributes (columns in the respective table in the relational database) and relations between them. It is essentially important in database development for the following reasons. An ER diagram is a foundation for the development of relational tables. ER diagrams can be translated into relational databases. An ER diagram is a more generic database design method than, direct database table designing because it hides the details of implementation such as column types. An ER diagram is more easy to understand than a set of relational tables because it easily represents the relations between entities in a graphical form.

Additional questions: 1. Describe your experiences related to your setup of MS Access. Include any difficulties or issues that you encountered during the installation. 100 WORDS

2. Based on your post-installation research, describe the main capabilities of MS Access.100 WORDS

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