Posted: June 26th, 2022

PROJ6004 Contracts And Procurement


Talk about key performance criteria, performance monitoring and contract terms that drive performance outcomes. Also, discuss contract administration, contract management, and contractor’s role when managing project constraints.


1: Assurance Framework Issue

2: The Role of Integrated Programm Management Issue

3: Reporting on risk Issue

Issue 4: Project Forecast Report

5: Clinical equipments

Recommendation to Issue

1: Approval a solid framework Recommendation to Issue

2: Recommendation of the Issue Committee on Involvement

3: Revisions to the risk register

Recommendation to Issue

4: Recommendation to update document process for issue

5. Monitoring and reporting are required

Implementation of Issue

1: A robust framework was used to implement independent advice.

2: Implementation of the monthly reporting system

3: Implementation of the status of risk for issue

4: Security was properly established. Implementation for Issue 5 – Reports about installation are required

Implementation of Issue

4: Implementation of proper security for the issue

5: Installation reports must be submitted

Refer to

Financial management: Theory and practice.

Strategies for risk management of therapeutic schools and programs: How to take appropriate programmatic risks.

Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs 1(2): 66-72.

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