Posted: June 26th, 2022

PHI 511 Foundations Of Public Health


Discussion: Topics, Research

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The doctoral topic is “Issues and challenges in obtaining surgical consent from patients”.

The doctoral dissertation title would be “Issues as well as the challenges in obtaining surgical permission from the patients”.

The research questions that will help the whole research paper achieve its core aim would follow the doctoral research study’s chosen premise.

Primary Q.1: What are the difficulties faced by doctors in obtaining consent from patients for surgery?

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Secondary Q.2: Why do patients refuse to consent to surgery?

Secondary Q.3 What’s the current death rate at the time of surgery?

Secondary Q.4 For which diseases does a doctor need to recommend surgery?

To make sure that the questions are considered with the highest priority and to achieve a successful outcome, we need to examine a particular data set. This would be primarily secondary (Bilimoria et. al., 2013).

Secondary data will support the research paper. These data include journal articles about patients’ experiences during surgery, the issues doctors face when obtaining consent, and data from government that records the death rate at the time of surgery.

Because each aspect is related to the research questions, secondary data would be necessary.

It is impossible to identify an exact death rate without a government record.

The universal ACS NSQIP surgical danger calculator was developed and evaluated. It is a tool that can be used to inform patients and surgeons and serves as a decision-making aid.

Journal of the American College of Surgeons 217(5): 833-842.

Interventions to encourage informed consent for patients who are undergoing invasive and surgical procedures.

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