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ENGL10021 Reading Literature


Write a SWOT analysis, Kolb’s cycles, and explain why they are important in your study.



In today’s education system, study skills are vital.

It provides guidance about what students can expect from institutions of higher education.

It is strongly recommended that anyone who wants to study at university has a good understanding of the course.

This will help the student to understand the application requirements for the course.

The student can then create a plan for learning and understand the benefits and disadvantages of pursuing HE courses.

This report will critically examine the opportunities in HE and the benefits and drawbacks of HE courses.

The report will also consider Kolb’s cycle, and the SWOT analysis.

This report will help the student decide whether or not to attend university.

The Advantages of Following an HE Course

The university-level education can be used to help students adapt to modern life.

It can have profound effects on personal development, career aspirations, financial implication, as well as personal circumstances.

It also helps you to plan your future, as education and studying play an important role in building your career (Maslow 2013,).

This is why university education is so important for job market.

These are the benefits of pursuing a HE program.

There are many online courses that will allow students to enroll in classes at different times during the academic year and to complete the tasks required for each course when it suits them best (Marylene 2014).

These courses can be completed while you are also juggling personal obligations, such as family relations and work.

Lower cost

The marketplace has allowed students to take part in many courses offered by universities (Ryan & Dec 2017).

These institutions are more competitive in offering online courses due to the increased number of students who want to take them.

Modern universities offer many ways to earn a degree.

Many colleges and universities have adopted the flexibility concept to offer suitable programs.

These include the administration of semi- and online classes (Kanungo, Manuel 2014).

Many students prefer to take weekend classes over traditional classes in order to be able to attend family and work commitments, as well as personal development.

The Disadvantages of Following an HE Course

The disadvantages of higher education may also affect student career aspirations, personal development, financial implications, and personal circumstances.

These disadvantages can delay learning and personal development.

These are the disadvantages.

Many students in HE are fully utilizing this course.

These opportunities can also come with potential risks (Thomas 2009).

Students need to be aware that HE courses can come with a buyer beware warning label.

College education is expensive.

This is why the majority of people today live in the middle class.

This means that there is not enough money to pay for education fully (Arnold 2010,).

Many people take out loans to supplement their income so that they can fully finance their education.

The loans are available for a maximum of one year.

There are high chances that the individual will not be able to find a job within this timeframe.

The degree program should be coherent.

Students are more likely to fulfill the availability criteria and get their degree by taking advantage of multiple opportunities to complete these courses (Tallman 2009).

Although the principle of availability may be true, there may not be any relationship between total curriculum and taking courses from different sources.

Expectations too high

Students may be enthralled by the new opportunities available to them. They may assume that newly earned credits can be applied to previous degree programs.

Many institutions are offering popular degree programs and courses because of the demand. However, they don’t have the accreditations required by the relevant educational bodies.

These institutions are popular among parents and students because of their ignorance.

These students don’t realize the potential dangers of these institutions (Peng 2013, p.

These institutions are often unable to see the truth and the student will be rendered ineligible after taking out loans to pay for their education.

Work versus degree

To start a business, entrepreneurs do not require a certificate (Segal Horn 2009).

While an entrepreneur would start his own business, those who choose to take an HE course will invest their money in a degree.

The real world is being delayed

The education system can be time-consuming and could delay personal development and goals.

Opportunities in HE.

Many opportunities are available in the HE program.

These opportunities include careers that could become the main pillars for an individual.

Participants also gain skills, knowledge, and expertise that can be applied to their personal lives and the lives of others (Hitt 2014).

Participation in an HE course offers a lot of opportunities for personal growth and development.

People are more likely to be promoted to higher positions in government, businesses and other institutions based on their merits.

Time Plan.

Time management is a key component of the time plan.

To learn more about the various HE courses, I will first attend an open-day.

The open day will include communication with an admission tutor to keep me informed about the admission process and any requirements.

To learn about the HE courses, I would then attend college and tutorial events (Daft 2015).

These events are always educational in nature.

This plan will be completed while in college. It is first-class in quality.

However, I will also use my quality time at the office to fulfill various commitments and avoid interruptions.

These quality hours will be used for both home and education work.

When I am exhausted, I would take third class for parenting.

Substantiated time Rationale Plan.

Is HEsuitable For My Career?

UWF is the best HE for this course.

Because it is near my home, this is why.

This will allow me to travel less and save money (Saloner 2009).

It will give me exposure and skills that I can use in my studies.

It will also be very beneficial financially, as my expenses will be significantly reduced.

SWOT Analysis.

– I am hardworking.

I am confident.

I have a high level of time management.

I am able to work extra hours in order to reach the goals and objectives.

I am a quick learner and can apply skills and knowledge from theoretical concepts to practice.

-I am a team player.

I may take a while to complete the task in order to get the best from mine.

I am sometimes affected by the weather.

I prefer to do what feels right to me, rather than following blindly through instructions.

-I cannot coexist with lazy people.

-I am willing to do the extra mile to find out the truth.

There are many opportunities to gain skills and expertise.

There are many opportunities for career growth.

-There are not enough funds available to finance education.

There are always risks.

This analysis helps individuals to identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

These aspects can be adjusted to promote individual development.

It is a theory that states that life experiences are what teach us.

These cycles are essential for students who wish to study at university to be able to look back on the experiences and lessons he has learned in his HE courses.

Kolb’s cycle reflects this.

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