Posted: June 26th, 2022

BUSN201 Introduction To Construction Management


Discuss any of the communication forms listed in this week’s reading (Gould Chapter 12), and discuss what they are, how they are used, their frequency, who is responsible for initiating, reviewing, or approving them, as well as their impact on quality, safety, and project risk management.


It is important to have regular consultations with others in order for any activity that involves a lot of effort to run smoothly.

Meetings are one way people can do this.

A meeting is a gathering of people to discuss something or make decisions about an undertaking.

This paper will discuss the use of minutes from meetings in construction management.

These meetings are used to discuss the progress of the construction. They can also be used for obtaining opinions and communicating any changes to the plan.

Meetings are used to gather feedback and opinions from the project team about their experiences with the project.

Meetings can also be used to resolve any problems that might arise during the construction process (Halpin & Senior 2011, 2011).

Each team will have a different frequency.

These meetings can be held weekly or every two weeks.

To review and assess the progress of the job, the contractor can meet with the entire project team or the subcontractor’s manager.

Meetings can also be used to review the progress of projects and plan activities for the next period.

Meetings are crucial in a project’s success. Safety meetings can be organized to identify the reasons for accidents and determine how they can be prevented.

Safety concerns such as safety in the environment and health can also impact projects. These meetings are important to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Project risks can be defined as those events that have a negative impact on the achievement of project objectives.

Meetings are a great way to identify potential risks early and come up with mitigation strategies before they can affect the project’s scope.

The project’s quality refers to its ability to achieve its goals within the budget and time constraints.

Quality planning, assurance, control, and improvement are essential to project success.

Without these, the project may not achieve its goals or meet the expectations of the users.

Meetings play an important role in the management of project quality.

Meetings play a significant role in project management. They are used to establish project specifications and to review project performance.

These meetings can also be used to improve the project (Harris McCaffer & Edum 2013, 2013).

Construction management.

Modern construction management.

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