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STA101 Business Statistics


Given the many opportunities available in Australia, you are interested in establishing a variety of tourism promotion ventures.

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You must shortlist:

The venture’s goal is to offer a pleasant experience for a select group of tourists, e.g.

This will help you to succeed.


Tourism Ventures in Australia

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Many tourists travel to Australia every year in order to see the beautiful country.

It is expected that visitors to Australia should have an unforgettable experience every time they visit.

Tourists will talk about Australia for a long time if they have an amazing experience.

A great experience on the trip would make Australia a tourist destination ambassador, which would lead to a rise in tourists.

This knowledge is why the business community should concentrate on offering exclusive services to tourists in areas such as the travel agency, tourist guide, tent provision, and hotel services.

This report will show you how to offer amazing services to tourists in a serviced apartment.

Service apartment for tourists visiting Australia is the business choice.

Apartment services would be offered.

Apartments are in high demand among the baby boomers.

According to research, this generation has a growing desire for leisure.

This is due to the fact that most people in this age group have worked most of their lives and would like to relax.

They want to have a wonderful experience while they rest.

Many of these people don’t have the energy or desire to camp out in tents.

Many of these people are also in poor health and can’t spend their nights in the cold at camp sites.

Apartments are the best option for this group.

They would like to feel at home after every tour (Patterson and co. 2017, pp 348).

Apart from the above venture, the rental of tents could also be an option.

The business would rent tents to tourists who visit the country.

The target audience for this business venture is young couples.

This venture would also benefit from the support of other cohorts.

Baby boomers would prefer to live in tents than apartments.

Even though this venture seems profitable, it cannot meet the international tourist demand for accommodation.

According to statistics, Australia receives close to 8.5 million visitors from overseas each year.

Apartments are better than tents for accommodation because of this large number.

Because of sometimes hostile weather, apartments are more popular as accommodation.

According to Wilson et. al. 2017, the target group of baby boomers is because they make up the largest proportion of tourists who visit Australia (Wilson and co., 2017).

However, this observation seems to be somewhat different from reality.

It seems that the introduction of tents to tourists has a greater impact on the number visiting the site.

This business decision will have an impact on the profit made by tourism at the location where the services are offered.

Regression analysis of the data shows that the provision of tents on a tourist site would have an ROI of 0.9752, while building apartments would have an ROI of 0.9665.

These data make tent provision the most attractive and therefore best suited for this business.

It is worth considering the possibility of renting apartments, given the nature of the targeted cohort.

These discussions would be helpful in understanding the business decisions being made.

A site-based office would provide the accommodation facility.

This is because most guests don’t find it enjoyable to search for accommodation online.

They also have an idea of the type of luxury they desire.

It is important to explain to them all the details of each accommodation package and its price.

This office will allow them to have real conversations with service providers.

Research shows that the baby boomers are part of the wealthiest population in the world.

Most of these people have made large investments in their lives.

They are not afraid to have some fun and lose a few dollars.

This makes them the ideal target for this business.

They would also be more attractive because they are already married.

It is common to see parents and their grandchildren traveling together to tourist destinations across the country.

The baby boomers provide the market, but also expand its reach.

The baby boomers are a wealthy group that seeks relaxation and will not stop until their whole family is satisfied (Naidoo, 2015, pp 350).

This company has the responsibility and goal of satisfying the large number of people who are in desperate need of accommodation.

The company ensures that the apartments are properly allocated.

The company will ensure that the apartments are close to tourist attractions and away from noise in towns.

Apartments are designed to offer a panoramic view of sunsets, sunrises and tourist attractions like the beach.

This creates a peaceful environment which is highly desirable.

First, the rooms should have proper air conditioning.

The apartments should have hospitals and spars nearby, as the target population is likely to be fragile.

Hospitals would provide assistance in the event of an emergency, while spar would be for the relative of the guest.

Are there good restaurants and security?

The meals served at the restaurant must be from all walks and cultures, as people will be coming from many different countries (Reisinger & Turner 2015, pp 535).

The most profitable venture for the general population is to provide accommodation through tents.

For baby boomers, however, apartments are the best option.

The majority of baby boomers can afford the services provided at the apartment.

Baby boomers are part the working generation that has saved the most for their retirement (Gardiner Grace & King 2015, pp.

They are a great choice because they not only fund it but also ensure its continuation.

During the visit, most of them would accompany their children and grandchildren.

This is a way to refer other people to the services being offered.

This is why the services must be appealing not only to baby boomers, but to all age groups.

Young couples and teens who are not interested in tents may also be interested in this type of accommodation.

Tents can be offered in certain cases to make the experience even more appealing (Gardiner Grace & King 2014, pp.

However, the number of tourists visiting this facility should not be considered a concern.

This cohort would look for any excuse to take a few days off work.

This is true. However, the holiday season that sees the most tourists is Easter and Christmas would be the best for the company.

It is fair for the accommodation facility to make provision for early reservations in peak seasons (Megan & Thomas 2001, pp. 204).

Prices for apartments should be comparable to the services provided.

Although it would be nice to offer different accommodation for different classes of people, it is important that the monthly income collected can support the wage bill as well as the logistics requirements of the facility.

It is best to budget for both peak and off-peak tourist seasons.

You can also adjust the staff to make sure the business is able to sustain itself during the off-peak seasons.

The establishment of an office on-site would aid in marketing the business, which would result in more tourists paying for these apartments (Balli & Tsui 2016, pp 805).

The provision of accommodation tents is a profitable business in Australia’s tourism sector.

Although it may seem like everyone is in this industry, the best way to survive is to offer unique services that target a specific group of people.

Apartments seem to be the most profitable service for the chosen cohort.

The services must be affordable and accessible to a large percentage of the population.

This business targets baby boomers and we believe that accommodating this target group would be the best decision.

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