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MAN6301 Project Risk Management


Data collection

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Data collection is required in relation to the risks faced by the National Football Team, with particular relevance to the 2018 World Cup.

You must collect data about this event, taking into consideration the risks described in the case study and any other factors that you can justifiably justify.

It is important to present the data collection in order to reflect a structured approach to each risk’s treatment:

Identifying the risk (e.g.

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It is possible for …”) to be harmed.

Identifying the point where the risk might occur

Succinctly describing the risk

Assessing the risk by using appropriate risk breakdown categories

Assessing the risk

Research, published cases, news reports, etc. can justify its inclusion.

You must provide evidence of the audit trail for your data collection activities.

Internet URL, brochures, dates at which the data was acquired (e.g.

Dates Internet was accessed.

Consider the organization’s tolerance for risk.


Business Report

This report aims to address the risks associated with major sporting events.

The 2018 Football World Cup Assessment for the Australian Football Team is the focus.

The project analyzes the risks associated with the Australian football team and will provide the report to Australia’s National World Cup 2018 Football Cup Management Committee.

The risks are the main focus.

To mitigate risks, the project proposes a six-month plan.

The management committee has received some suggestions from the project.

It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that the team stays healthy. There should not be any pressure on them.

The committee should take care of their travel, accommodation, security, and coaching.

Instead of worrying about irrelevant work, the players will be focused on their performance.

It will allow the Australian team to perform at the mega event (Tiede Tom, 2014).

Project Goal and Success Criteria

This project aims to analyze the risks associated with the Australian football team for the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia.

The report highlights five key risks and makes recommendations to the National Football Cup Management Committee of Australia to reduce them.

Five important risks were identified in the report.

These risks are analyzed and their severity is also determined.

Some risks are extremely low while others are quite high. However, there are risks that can be tolerated.

These risks are known as risk appetite, and those that are very high in nature are known as risk tolerance.

Risk appetite includes accommodation and health, while risks to terrorism and crowd fall under the category of risks tolerance.

Structure for Risk Breakdown

Project management includes risk management.

Project leaders must prioritize minimizing risks.

The global sports scene is highly competitive and complex.

This requires proper planning, budgeting and scheduling.

Project management is responsible for identifying and evaluating risks, assessing them, monitoring their progress, communicating the risks, and communicating the results (Tiede, Tom 2014).

Risk management focuses on solving problems that may arise in the future and avoiding them from happening again.

These risks could be related to planning, budgeting and human resources.

This risk breakdown structure is used to identify and assess the vulnerability and risks.

These are highlighted in the risk breakdown.

Probability of Risk

Risk probability is a systematic assessment to determine the likelihood and magnitude of risks.

There are risks that have been identified.

They also face risks that could lead to disasters.

There are risks associated with sports events that are not as common as those of other projects.

Understanding the strategies of the teams for events is essential. This knowledge will provide a solid foundation for project management regarding the risks associated with the event.

Many issues can interfere with the development of strategies.

Injury, depression, more traveling, accommodation, and problems from the crowd are all important risk factors for the event and project management (Qureshi & Warraich 2009).

The report analyzes the risk and determines its impact.

They can be negligible, minimal, moderate, severe, catastrophic, and critical.

This divides the risk according to probability.

This will indicate which risk must be avoided and which risks will be minimized.

Management of the national football team is focused on addressing all issues.

So that players don’t feel discouraged, the committee wants to address the minor issues.

A good deal of preparation is required to reduce the risks.

Logistics, living conditions, food and hygiene, as well as safety and depression of players and coaches are all important.

These are all important aspects that must be taken into consideration.

These factors will have a positive effect on players and will result in better performance (Cox, Issa & Aherns 2013, 2013).

They will ensure that the players are mentally fit for the game, and their performance will be even better.

The management will identify the risks and take the necessary steps to reduce them.

The management skills that they have to manage projects will determine the success of the Australian team.

Only a well-organized management team can make the project a success.

This is the risk response strategy, which will show how to manage the risks associated with the project.



Infections may develop during matches when there is physical contact between players.

The players will learn good health habits and will follow the doctors’ orders.

During the match, players may sustain injuries while heading the ball.

The incident will not affect the players’ participation in the match.


When they don’t perform well, the players feel depressed.

Players will feel depressed and unable to concentrate on the game.

The players will be able to accept their underperformance and work hard on the next crucial match.

Players are exposed to risks when they travel to play the game.

Traveling for longer periods will cause them to become tired and fatigued.

They will limit their visits.

If they are not required to travel, they will not do so.


Russia will see increased demand for hotels and other accommodation facilities.

Accommodation management will be handled by the organizer.

Transport problems are a problem in Russia.

Transport facilities are not available to provide transport for 48 teams or officials.

Sometimes it is not necessary to travel if the need is not present.

Leadership and coaching

Collective sentiment

The group’s performance and that of the leader and coaches will suffer if they don’t have the support and collective effort to make it work.

This must be given the highest priority in order to mitigate. Leaders should encourage players to work together.

Unity among players

If all members of the team don’t contribute, it is impossible for football matches to be played.

This will impact on the performance

This must be given the highest priority and all players should cooperate.


Media coverage

Some unneeded news is published prior to the match.

This puts a lot of pressure on the players

The newspaper will be banned from players’ hands and they will try to avoid it.

Access to athletes

The players are often harmed by the press interview.

The media exposes the team’s weaknesses and plans.

The team will avoid the media and the media manager will deal with the media.



Russia is also facing problems with terrorism.

Terrorists can attack players and cause massive losses to the property and life of payers


Russian security officials are responsible for ensuring safety.


The crowd cheering for one team during matches will make a lot of noise, which discourages the opposing team.

The crowd is not the focus of the players.

They won’t.

Each risk will then be identified.

The risk register is attached in the appendix. It contains information about the risk and the steps to take to mitigate it.

The management will determine the risk and make a plan. Priority will be given to the mitigation, avoidance, and acceptance of the risks.

Terrorism and crowd risks must be prioritized as they are very likely to occur.


The Australian Football Team is very proud of the Football World Cup.

They should receive the necessary support to perform at their best.


Qualified doctors can help avoid health problems.

They will keep an eye on the players’ health.

The players’ fitness will be taken care of by the physiotherapists.

Management will ensure that players do not feel pressured to play in many matches before the big events.

To deal with the mental state of the players (Jamison, 2010) psychologists should be hired.

Management should plan for the travel of players and coaches. This should be a top priority.

To monitor the players’ activities on and off the field, the management should be present.

Players should have adequate accommodation. The living area should be clean and free of infection.

Media shouldn’t be allowed to invade the privacy of players.

Management will be concerned about security (Gelec &Wagner 2014).

The security of the team is paramount. Players will not be allowed to move around freely.


Management will inform the players about the risks and encourage them to avoid any.

Priority will be given to keeping more support staff on hand to care for the health of the players (Kumar 2009).


With the right relationships between all stakeholders, risks can be decreased.

The register will contain all the risks that have been identified by management.

All risks will be assessed according to the norms. Priority will determine how the risks can be minimized (Kwak, 2014).


This report was based on interviews with the few people interviewed and secondary sources found in print media and online.

All information needed to evaluate.

High risk zones may not be as important for the team.

Another important aspect to obtain less information is the time constraint.

This empirical study is a starting point for future research.


Project management is dominated by risks.

It is necessary to identify the risks and then create a mitigation program.

Major problems for the Australian team include terrorists, accommodation and health.

These issues must be addressed by the management according to the suggestions.


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