Posted: June 25th, 2022

ICSK3005 Introduction To Computer Skills


Many Tesco employees in your store are very technophobic.

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They are hesitant to use the software and are skeptical about new technology.

The managing director has asked you to create a report to show Tesco employees that information technology advances such as self-checkouts increase productivity and improve the quality of Tesco’s management.

Prepare a report to share the following with your team.

A brief introduction should be written out to explain the purpose and background of the report.

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Tesco could benefit from Microsoft Office to improve its business productivity.

Three technological advancements in software and hardware are happening at Tesco.



After suffering losses for the past four years, Tesco Plc has posted profits.

My Tesco staff are reluctant to change from their old methods of dealing with customers and inventory to using the software that is available.

The staff view the technology as a competitor and not their friend, thus they are very cautious about accepting new technology in the business.

This report is being prepared to show staff how technology could improve their performance and productivity.

Further discussion focuses on the fact that technology will not replace staff, but rather assist them in their work.

Tesco’s Productivity Would Increase With Ms Office

Microsoft Office, also known as MS Office, is a set of programs that can be used on your computer.

It is easy to use and comes in different versions for both domestic and commercial users.

MS Office is a highly-respected tool that can help Tesco improve its productivity.

Although it is a common phrase, “The heart of business productivity lies in the information worker”, the truth is also true.

It was impossible to do the same thing when working alone or with someone else as efficiently as MS office and its various applications, such as spreadsheets, word documents, and presentations.

This allowed Tesco to share information more easily and reliably thanks to these applications.

Additionally, Tesco’s business is spread across many geographies so it makes it easier to bring together all employees, customers, and partners.

This is the era cloud computing. Microsoft offers its own cloud suite, Microsoft Office 365. It ensures cloud-based productivity according to your terms and conditions.

It has first and foremost bought the Office Online concept.

Tesco’s primary goal is to make sure that all employees have access to technology regardless of where they live so that they can add value to their customers. This would increase productivity.

It also has a search function that allows staff quick access to experts, data, and tools which will help them conduct their work, and ensures that they can work together effectively (McCallion 2013, 2013).

This would help ensure cohesion among staff members and create an environment of trust, ease and cooperation which will increase productivity.

This is possible with MS Office 365, the latest version of MS Office.

This allows for sound and effective decision-making by making sure that the information needed is purchased to the right person.

Flexibility is a key strategy for success in a business. Office 365 offers this same flexibility, which will ensure that staff productivity is greatly increased.

Flexible working conditions would enable Tesco colleagues to communicate and provide high-end shopping experiences regardless of channel, thus increasing their customer base.

The older version of MS Office that includes MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint is still useful. It will continue to be so for all organizations, regardless of their size.

The simple reason is that reports and proposals can be written in MS Word. Excel allows for better statistics analysis and calculations which help businesses understand their growth. PowerPoint makes it easy to create useful presentations and replicate them in real life.

Tesco Announces Three Technological Innovations in Software and Hardware

Tesco has experienced many technological advancements.

These technological advances have allowed Tesco to grow its business quickly.

The following paragraphs will highlight three of the most highly sought-after technological advances in hardware and software that have occurred at Tesco.

First, Tesco subscribed to Office 365 rather than MS Office 2016. This was because it would allow the company and its employees to always have the most up-to-date Microsoft tools.

This technology was introduced to the company in order to make sure that all employees have access to the latest technology, regardless of where they are located.

Their work environment would be more flexible.

This would reduce staff turnover.

Microsoft has signed an agreement with Tesco to update Tesco’s products and services at its head office, stores distribution channels, data centres, and distribution channels. This would include Windows, Office, Sharepoint and Exchange.

The Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Programme also covers the consulting services.

According to company officials, the agreement will improve productivity, decision-making, operational efficiency, and help share knowledge.

The employees are spread over many geographies so the deal will allow them to come together and share their problems, concerns, as well as their solutions (Williams 2011, 2011).

This company is one of the largest users of self-checkout technology and has seen tremendous success with its implementation.

The system allows Tesco stores to transform their cash counters into automated, unmanned terminals that can manage large volumes of customers.

The company’s profitability has increased as they have been able attract more customers through the use of this technology.

The introduction of an audio voice to their self-checkout system, which was implemented around a decade ago, is another technological advancement.

This was a friendlier method of self-checkout that was less talkative. The system won’t send out warning messages to customers with the infamous phrase “unexpected time in bagging area” which is a common occurrence in self checkout systems. It has a significant role in the lives of shoppers who are short on time.

The old voice was irritating to customers because it put too much pressure on shoppers after they had finished shopping.

This new audio system uses a gentler tone. The phrases are now friendlier and can be found in most Teso stores across the UK (


As a conclusion, I want to emphasize to employees and staff that technology should not be feared within the company.

The company should ensure that the technology is implemented properly and that support and training is provided.

In this age of globalization, where technology is constantly changing at an alarming rate, being technophobic or sceptical about technology implementation could hinder the employees’ careers and productivity.

Tesco is the UK’s largest supermarket chain and cannot afford to be slow in technological development. If the staff aren’t supportive, it will never succeed.

The staff would be more productive if they were willing to embrace technological advances. This would reduce processing times for customer orders, provide instant inventory levels so customers can easily contact them and ensure that management has the right information at all times.

The fact that staff can self-check out, and Office 365 is a newer version MS Office, will not affect their work quality but would lead to higher output than what they have delivered to date.

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