Posted: June 25th, 2022

HIS 306 African American History



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Paragraphs: Each paragraph explains and defines a guideline.


C. Are you in agreement or disagreement with the statement above?

It is just as relevant today as it was back in 1796.

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Why or why not?


Washington had spent a significant portion of his farewell address discussing foreign relations and threats to permanent alliances between the United States of America and foreign nations, or foreign entanglements.

French revolution: The people of America were eager to help the French in their revolutionary war against France to strengthen the US-French alliance.

The US government supported the French in suppressing the revolt of the slaves in Saint-Domingue.

The French revolution ended and the “reign of terror” began, and there was much debate about the US’s support for France and its alliance with France.

Washington declared American neutrality despite the fact that many Americans wanted to assist the French in their crisis.

Anglo-French conflict during the French revolution: the Federalists supported Britain while the Republicans supported France.

The internal politics of the USA became complicated in order to honor the Treaty of Alliance, and to help France.

Washington avoided American involvement in the conflict by issuing the Neutrality Act in 1794.

Proclamation de neutrality: Washington felt that the United States was too weak for European power and declared his neutrality.

He didn’t want to interfere with the conflict between Great Britain, France.

Washington understood that supporting France or Great Britain would be a contradiction and cause unnecessary harm.

This proclamation helped The US to avoid any long-term friendship or rivalries.

Washington stated that animosity and attachments would only make the government’s foreign policies more difficult and less effective.

Washington believes that a poor relationship with a friend could lead to unneeded conflicts between the US and the US, unless the US is defending the country.

Washington continued to explain to Americans the benefits of America’s isolation and the need to avoid any entanglements from Europe.

He stated that America would not benefit from attachments.

The American people should not get involved in such matters. This isolated US position and unity would allow the US to remain neutral and focus on its own affairs (Washington 1796).

The US should avoid any permanent attachments to foreign countries, though it might be necessary to form temporary alliances in times of emergency or danger.

He said he would honor the existing treaties, but not to extend them.

Washington’s Proclamation to Neutrality was already in force at the time.

Neutrality was essential to allow the immature new government to mature and to strengthen its ability to manage its internal affairs.

Washington’s goal of ending all permanent alliances was realized by the Treaty of Mortefontaine, which ended the Treaty of Alliance of 1778, ended the Quasi War and established trade relations with France.

In 1823, Washington achieved his foreign policy goals again.

The Monroe Doctrine promised that the United States would not interfere with European affairs until European nations colonize newly independent Central and Southern America.

The United States did not form any permanent alliances until 1949, when NATO was formed.

This proclamation applies to today’s world, as a weak or newly formed state must be kept out of any conflict with strong powers. Otherwise it could lead to unjustified wars that do not benefit the country.

Non-indulgence in any trade treaty will stop any nation’s growth.

Treaties for military and trade defense are therefore essential.

Farewell address.

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