Posted: June 25th, 2022

FMCS3110 Social Media And Network Culture


1. Evaluate the effectiveness and utility of your learning experience

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Your opinion on learning experiences

Is this an experience worth it?

2. Explain how you will benefit from this learning process

What ways can this learning experience benefit you?

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Future career

Life in general

What will you do with your new insights and knowledge in the future?

3. Describe objectively the learning process

What did you do, read, hear, and see?

4. Assess what you have learned

What was the value of Business Research in your Research Learning Process?

6.Explain how you will apply this knowledge



Social networking is a key element in today’s fast-paced technology and communications.

Social networking is a key component in modern communication and technology. (Jussila Karkkainen & Aramo Immonen 2014).

I have gained a lot of knowledge from the literature and research on the benefits and drawbacks of social networking.

Research: Opinion and Value

I have been able to see the literature review and write the proposal. This has helped me understand the world and transformed my worldview.

This has helped me to understand the importance of mobile apps and social networking sites in business, productivity, and distribution. It also allowed me to be more open-minded and less traditional.

Social networking and its necessity in the world, along with its benefits and disadvantages, have increased my knowledge about the global order and economy (Aral Dellarocas, Godes, 2013,).

Social networking sites have many advantages that outweigh their disadvantages.

Social networking websites and apps have become a bridge between cultures and societies.

This knowledge will help me in the future, as it is well-known that social networking has become an integral part of the business organization’s working process.

Almost all of the major business organizations are currently involved in social networking.

Applications and social networking websites have been a key part of online activities such as customer interaction, online sales, client connectivity, and presenting company information to new customers.

Social media marketing and social media networking have also become major tools for corporations.

This research could prove to be very useful in the future.

Utility of the Assignments

I will use the learning process in my future assignments and works.

This research has a wide impact on the future of education, university programs, and on life.

Course: Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of social networking sites will allow me to see marketing from a more holistic perspective.

This course has helped me to understand the effectiveness of social networking sites, the relationship between customers and business corporations, and the growing number of online sales that have a greater reach than traditional off-line sales.

These ideas have given me a fresh perspective on business marketing in general.

Program: It was a rewarding experience to work on the first two assignments.

Social media is an important factor in today’s business world.

This knowledge will help me in my work and improve my performance in the program.

Future career: The title of social media expert is becoming a standard in many consumer-related business corporations in this current scenario.

This research has given me the knowledge that will help me in my future career.

Life: Since a decade ago, social media has been a part of our daily lives.

The impact of social media on the daily lives of ordinary people has been immense.

Research materials have shown the negative effects of social media.

It will also make me more cautious about security and time consumption.

Many business organizations have made it a priority to hire social media specialists.

Every company wants to increase their social media communication to reach customers and entice them to purchase the products.

As a freelancer, or when looking for job opportunities, I will need to research and understand the limitations and how to use social media sites and apps like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Events of the Learning Process

This research was done to find out the role of social media within modern life and business.

The literature review and research proposal were based entirely on other sources and online documents.

Learning was enjoyable and productive.

Some shocking facts were revealed about the popularity of social media.

India, for example, is a developing country that has topped the charts in terms of social media users.

A data source from a reputable website shows that almost 52 percent Indian business corporations use social media to communicate with customers (Aral Dellarocas & Godes 2013, 2013).

This is a tool that social networking uses to help attract new customers.

The business organizations use these social media platforms and websites to manage their customers and increase sales.

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world, according to me.

Facebook has over 1.6 billion active users worldwide.

This platform has been used by companies like Unilever and Amazon to increase their customer connectivity (Jussila Karkkainen & Aramo Immonen 2014).

Sponsoring Facebook pages has been a key part of business corporations. This allows potential customers to access the drawing room.

Direct advertisements on customer profiles and home pages are a distinctive feature of social media advertising.

Twitter is another popular social media platform that is second to Facebook in terms users, but is equally effective as a marketing tool and customer connection.

It is easy to connect people with 140 characters. This is useful for business activities as well.

Multinational companies and small vendors use Twitter to provide service, customer and business networking.

Linked In, another social media platform that is restricted to professional activities such as business, job opportunities and professional connectivity worldwide is also available.

In the past two-three years, Linked In users have increased.

This has made it a safe and secure place for professional connections and job opportunities.

I was also impressed by YouTube’s role in promoting the global business.

YouTube has become a video sharing site that is a great business opportunity for filmmakers, young video bloggers, and freelancers. It also serves as a place for advertising and publicity for major corporations.

To create new business opportunities, other websites such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Vine have also appeared on the scene.

Another fact that I found in my research materials is based on the disadvantages of social media.

Social media has become an enormous phenomenon that has dominated human psychology at both personal and professional levels.

The impact of social media on businesses is so profound that many business corporations don’t understand its limitations.

These platforms can be time-consuming and often prove to be a problem for companies.

Although customers can communicate with each other through social media, it is impossible to manage their feedback.

Social media is not secure.

My research also highlights the benefits of social media platforms in terms online product sales, customer communication, and cost effectiveness.

The fact is that corporations spend a lot of money to ensure the best implementation of advertising.

Advertising is a key factor in increasing sales.

This was evident in my research.


Although social media is an important tool in our modern world, it also has its drawbacks.

Social media platforms are not without their problems. For example, privacy, security, and time consumption are major issues.

It can improve communications and increase the marketing possibilities by a large margin.

It is easy to see how the benefits of social media outweigh its drawbacks. Therefore, it has become a vital tool for all types of businesses.

Through my business research, I have gained a better understanding of the world of business and the growing role that social media plays in the development of business across countries.

Globalization through connectivity is a great way to increase distribution opportunities for business giants.

Through my business research, I learned all about social media platforms and their usage.

I have gained a better understanding of the research process through business research.

The more I understood and read the research work, I learned more about the process.

Learning Process

Insights: I was amazed at the progress of third world countries on social media.

India and Mexico have been doing a great job in digitalizing business and expanding the reach of social networks.

Emotions: I feel that the social media phenomenon has made me more knowledgeable about international marketing and business.

It helped me to understand the power and importance of administration and networking.

Hypothesis: Advertising and marketing a product or service is the core of modern business. Social media is the best way to reach people.

Conclusion: This topic was chosen for the second assignment because of the importance of social media in modern business.

Social media has been a major business phenomenon in the Post-Ford era.

It was crucial for me as a student to be able to use such a powerful tool of modern business.

I will use this research in my professional and future endeavors.

The journey of research has enriched my worldview in many ways. It gave me a clear perspective on how I see business, marketing, and social media.

I have become a mature commentator about the impact of social media on society through the course, program, and research material.

My career prospects will be enhanced by my knowledge of social media and how it is used.

I may be more qualified to become a Social Media Expert in eminent companies through this research.


My research on social media and business has increased my understanding of the global business landscape.

I was aware of the drawbacks, but they have made me more curious.

Social media has enormous potential to boost the growth of the global economic system.

This phenomenon is unlike any other idea in recent years.

Refer to

Introduction to the special issue: Social media and business transformation: A framework for research.

Information Systems Research, 24(1): 3-13.

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