Posted: June 25th, 2022

ENGL 1930 Special Topics


Talk about the benefits of using web services.


Web-services can be described as a standardised way to integrate web-based applications using open standards like XML and UDDI.

This assignment highlights both the benefits and the applications that most benefit from web-services.

These are the benefits of web-services:

Interoperability: The web-services offer a number of advantages, including the independence of different applications (Buchan, etc.

These services operate outside of the private network and offer users a standardised method for communication.

Communication costs are low: The web-services offer enhanced communication at very low prices.

The web-services allow for improved web-based communication and a decrease in communication costs.

Standardised protocol: Web-services offer a standardised protocol that provides many business benefits, such as reducing costs and improving the quality of communication.

Usability: The web-services enable the business of various systems to be improved (Lippert & Govindarajulu 2015).

Businesses can also specify client-side code and use the web services to develop it.

Web-services are best for web-based applications like email, client and server side servers online communication, social networking sites, and emails.

These web-services are the foundation of these applications, and the web-services’ benefits are best realised.

Refer to

Buchan, D.W.; Minneci F.; Nugent T.C.; Bryson K. and Jones D.T. (2013)

Scalable web services to the PSIPRED Protein Analysis Workbench.

Lippert, S.K.

The technological, organizational, and ecological antecedents of web services adoption.

Communications of the IIMA 6(1), p.14.

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