Posted: June 19th, 2022

Ethics paper (800-1000 words) | Management homework help

Paper -Ethics  (30 points)

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Read the following Harvard Case study

An Intern’s Dilemma Sandra J. Sucher, Matthew Preble

 From your reading, write an academic paper (800-1000 words) as a summary of what you learned from the suggested sources.

Make sure to answer the following questions: If you were the intern in the same situation, what would you have done and why?

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Which factors drive ethical choices in an organization?

How is ethical behavior influenced over time from prior decisions?

What will you do after graduation to ensure you select an organization which aligns with your ethics?

What was your key learning from this case and your own ethical behavior?

Writing style and format requirements:

Writing should be proofread and free of spelling or mechanical errors.

Explain the concepts in your own words and use proper citations and references. Use personal voice e.g. I agree, I feel, I believe, etc. and real-life examples from your experience. Suggested format requirements: 800-1000 words +/-10%. Times New Roman, 12 font size, double space. Use references and in-text citations in APA format. This paper should have a minimum of 3 references, which includes the assigned case study and two other outside sources which further inform your understanding of personality.

Critical analysis:

Make sure not to plagiarize. Plagiarism will result in a grade 0.

Students should show their ability to use critical thinking to analyze the case, using learning and from class and show how to apply them with real-life examples. Clear persuasive development of argument should show logical connection between the thoughts and examples.

The sources that you researched should discuss ethical theories which inform this case study.

 In depth analysis of the sources should show your ability to compare and contrast the ideas , analyze implications of  ethical and non-ethical behavior and apply the concepts to the real-life examples


Paper grading Rubric


A student displayed a high level of critical self-reflection and analysis, provided thorough explanations and examples of positive insights from their learning. The student displayed an ability to discuss substantial range of key ideas from the discussed sources and demonstrated his or her in-depth understanding of how this new learning can be applied to real life examples. Arguments are formed in a persuasive manner and show some original and creative ideas related to the assignment question. Writing is free of errors and follows APA style consistently.

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