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Psy 303 week 1 quiz ( neurodevelopmental disorders and the history of

Question 1.__________ is the father of psychoanalytic theory and is the most well-known figure of psychology and psychiatry. 

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  •   Pinel   
  •   Breuer   
  •   Freud   
  •   Charcot

Question 2.Michael Jackson’s behavior in public and in his personal life was certainly questionable on many levels. Some would even consider his behavior to have violated:    

  •   ethical norms.   
  •   legal values.   
  •   psychological norms.   
  •   legal norms.

Question 3.Antisocial personality disorder is the diagnosis used for individuals over the age of ___, whereas conduct disorder is applied to people under ___.

  •   12; 18   
  •   15; 18   
  •   18; 15   
  •   18; 18  
  • Question 4.One of the first medications used to treat mental illness, and one that remains in use today, is   Compazine   
  •   Thorazine   
  •   Viagra   
  •   Zithromax   

Question 5.These norms are the mandatory rule of social behavior that is established by the state.

  •   ethical norms   
  •   legal values   
  •   psychological norms   
  •   legal norms 

Question 6.Students in abnormal psychology often experience this condition wherein they believe that they are suffering from the disease they are studying: 

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  •   Personality Disorders   
  •   Medical Student Syndrome   
  •   Global Assessment of Functioning   
  •   Somatization Disorder

Question 7.The Social Norms Perspective considers behavior to be abnormal if: 

  •   the behavior deviates greatly from accepted social standards, values, or norms.   
  •   the behavior interferes with the individual’s ability to function in life and/or in society.   
  •   the behavior occurs rarely among the general population   
  •   it can be classified with a DSM-5 diagnosis.   

Question 8.This approach suggests that a disorder can be triggered by less amounts of stress when the underlying vulnerabilities are high. 

  •   Biological model   
  •   Stress-diathesis model   
  •   Vulnerability model   
  •   Diathesis-Stress model

Question 9.According to Szasz, these contexts form the bases for mental symptoms and mental illnesses. 

  •   Anatomical and genetic context   
  •   Social and ethical context   
  •   Cognitive and behavioral context   
  •   Historical and political context   

Question 10.Question :With regard to Szasz’s argument concerning mental illness and moral responsibility, Ausubel does not assert that:@Found on page 5 (73) of the Ausubel article. “Third, it is just as unreasonable to hold an individual responsible for symptoms of behavior disorder as to deem him accountable for symptoms of physical illness.” 

  •   It is possible to distinguish between mental illness and cases of immorality.   
  •   Guilt may play a role in the development of mental illness, but is not necessarily the principle cause.   
  •   It is perfectly reasonable to hold a person responsible for symptoms of mental illness, just as they would be responsible for symptoms of physical illness.   
  •   Illness is no less real because the patient plays a role in the development of that illness.

Question 11.In the medical model, 

  •   all psychological disorders are seen as diseases with similar symptoms across the patient subpopulation.   
  •   psychotropic medications are the primary treatment modality.   
  •   the therapist/patient relationship gives all of the power to the therapist.   
  •   treatment efficacy is rapidly realized via trepanning.

Question 12.Society may determine these norms; however, they are codified in the DSM-5. 

  •   ethical norms   
  •   legal values   
  •   psychological norms   
  •   legal norms

Question 13.________ remains the common treatment for Tourette’s.

  •   Risperidone   
  •   Thorazine   
  •   Ritalin   
  •   Haldol   

Question 14

5._________ helped to establish many state mental hospitals in the United States during her nationwide campaign to reform treatments of the mentally ill.

  •   Pinel   
  •   Breuer   
  •   Dix   
  •   Bix 

Question 15.Question :Enuresis is

  •   poor control of bowels.   
  •   poor control of urination.   
  •   marked by a lack of speech in some situations and not in others.   
  •   marked by distorted perception and inappropriate affect.

Question 16.Question :Child-onset conduct disorder requires onset before _____ years of age and generally has a poor prognosis. 

  •   8   
  •   9   
  •   10   
  •   12 

Question 17.Which of the following is not a factor in Szasz’s conceptualization of norms?

@The correct factors are found on page 2 (114) of the Szasz article. “But whatever this norm might be, we can be certain of only one thing: namely, that it is a norm that must be stated in terms of psychosocial, ethical, and legal concepts.” 

  •   Theoretical   
  •   Psychosocial   
  •   Ethical   
  •   Legal

Question 18.According to Freud, repression is seen as an unconscious defense mechanism of the ego that keeps certain ideas separate from the one’s consciousness. When one is unable to appropriately express feelings, the feelings can turn inward and lead to what? 

  •   Anger   
  •   Depression   
  •   Guilt   
  •   Immaturity     



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