Posted: June 16th, 2022

Smgt 505 – sport law project – paper assignment | SMGT 505 – Legal Issues in Sport | Liberty University

Paper Assignment Instructions


While we regularly see issues and trends in the sport, tourism, and recreation industries make headlines in the media the, sometimes, underlying legal issues might not be as obvious. However, it is incumbent for a competent manager to understand how certain decisions, actions and the like might carry important legal implications. The three-part Sport Law Project in this course provides students the opportunity to explore a legal issue of their choosing from a variety of instructive methods. As a result, the Sport Law Project is comprised of the following three assignments: an annotated bibliography, a written paper, and a risk management presentation. The Annotated Bibliography assignment helps students delve into the scholarly literature in order to inform their breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the issue being examined. The Paper assignment allows students the opportunity to develop their knowledge base by presenting literature and legal evidence on their chosen topic and applying the outcomes and lessons to managerial practice. Finally, the Risk Management Presentation assignment creates the pragmatic yet hypothetical, ‘if I had to present this topic to my staff in an employee training workshop, what key information about this legal issue do I need to convey from a risk management perspective?’


For this assignment, you will develop the same sport, tourism, or recreation-related legal issue that you chose for the annotated bibliography assignment and write a 10 to 15-page (not including title page, abstract, references or necessary appendices) research paper. The paper should demonstrate new knowledge of the subject matter, substantive content with focused ideas and critical thinking. Coherent application of the legal issue to managerial practice must be integrated with the literature and supported with your findings. 

You must cite a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed articles from scholarly sources and five legal cases that are germane to your topic. All of these citations should be evident in both the body of the paper and the final reference list. Finally, the structure of the research paper must adhere to correct and current APA format, the body text in 12-pt font, and include the following two areas as bold and underlined subheadings:

1) Review of Literature: Integrate your resources and unify your research by displaying how your findings support your thesis.

2) Managerial Application: Apply the legal issues you have researched by explaining how they fit into to managerial practice. 

******Please include a biblical passage/scripture as well.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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