Posted: June 16th, 2022

Review 3 | Political Science homework help

Notes on Readings for Review #3:

This section includes two very influential theoretical perspectives, the English School and Constructivism, with their particular focus on order, rules, and the role of ideas and the agentstructure debate (particularly in relation to constructivism) in international relations. In addition to the chapters in Viotti & Kauppi, there are several additional articles by some of the leading theorists of the “English School”, such as Hedley Bull and Andrew Linklater, and major Constructivists theorists such as Nicholas Onuf and Alexander Wendt. There are also some videos/talks that are included in this section. (Those videos in this section that are designated as “Required” must be included in the Review).

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READING ON THE BOOK: Viiotti & Kauppi: Ch. 5/Selected Readings (pp. 239-269) and, Ch.6/Selected Readings (pp. 277-316) – Textbook


  1. Content: All the readings and videos for each Section of the syllabus should be covered in the Review for that section. The degree of attention and space you devote to each reading or video in your review, however, is up to you. The point is not to write a detailed summary of the readings and videos, but to identify the key and salient points/main ideas of each author’s findings and assertions. Your grade for each review will depend on: a) the comprehensiveness of your coverage, i.e., inclusion of the assigned readings and required videos, b) meeting the minimum of required pages, and c) following the format provided here.
  2. Writing format: You can, but you do not need to, write these reviews in essay format; you can also simply name the author and identify key arguments/points that you think are most important in that particular reading or video using bullet format.
  3. Length: A minimum of a 4 page Review (no more than 6 pages) on the required readings/materials for each Section is mandatory. The Review must be typed double- spaced, with one-inch margins and font 12 format.
  4. Must Bold the names of authors/speakers.
  5. Read the readings and write the reviews in the sequence in which they appear on the Syllabus to maintain the flow of your engagement with each topic.
  6. Avoid long quotations.


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