Posted: June 16th, 2022

Project | intro to data mining

group 9 : Clustering with correlation coefficient

This presentation / project is about correlation coefficients used as the clustering measure.

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File needed to see the correlation coefficients and bi-monthly returns:


Address in the presentation the following:

1) Given correlation coefficient from

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A) What is the meaning of correlation coefficient between the two set of stocks prices?

B) Show why the correlation coefficient between the set of prices A and set of prices B is the same as the correlation coefficient between the set of prices B and set of prices A.

2) After loading returnAstcBiMonthlyEG1.mat in Octave, you’ll have stocks with bi-monthly returns of above 0.009 : 

CC -> correlation coefficients between the stock returns,
RTRS ->  bi-monthly returns (rows) for 412 stocks (columns)

A) Comment the correlation coefficients based on bi-monthly returns among 412 stocks shown in the figure  P5_CC_eg1.pdf

B) Assuming that clusters are created by putting all the stocks whose correlation coefficients among all the pairs are greater than 0.5, comment on the following cluster distribution : 302 clusters with only 1 stock,  28 with 2 stock,  6 with 3,  4 with 4, 1 with 5,  1 with 6 , and  1 cluster with 9 stocks in it.

C) Explain why it would be good to pick just one stock from the cluster for the diversified portfolio.

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