Posted: June 16th, 2022

Incredible journey chapter 9 & 11 worksheet


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Chapter Nine

A. Write the vocabulary word next to the sentence with the synonym.

Encounter  ecstatic irresistible  cornucopia.   ingratiating.   Proffered  invariably unqualified  disreputable. disposition

1. The inventors soon discovered that Ramone was too inexperienced to be given so much responsibility.   Answer:  

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2. Lamont was delighted to be offered the job.    Answer:  

3. Everyone at the party was made uncomfortable by Shirley’s fawning behavior toward the hosts.    Answer:    

4. After the huge argument she had with the foreman, Jasmine submitted her resignation.     Answer:  

5. After the flood, the family received an abundance of food supplies from the Salvation Army.     Answer:  

6. It was Bodger’s temperament to always expect the best from people.  Answer:  

7. When confronted with a large dog, our cat will always climb the nearest 

8. tree.  Answer:  

9. My cousin is the notorious bank robber that was captured yesterday by the police.         Answer:  

10. Did you meet the new principal yet?      Answer:   

11. 10.We all found the smell of baking bread to be very enticing.   Answer:  

B. Number the events from this chapter from 1 – 10 to indicate the order in which they took place.  

 Luath retrieves a duck for Mackenzie. 

Bodger gets a bucket of water thrown in his face. 

The pets leave the Mackenzies and continue their journey. 

In England the Hunter family begin packing for their journey back home. 

Nell Mackenzie realizes that Bodger has been in a fight with a bear. 

Mackenzie removes the quills from Luath’s face. 

The pets  are followed for some time by a timber wolf. 

The animals pass a timber-cruising forester who takes little notice of them. 

Tao releases the dogs from the stable. 

Bodger is welcomed into the home of the Mackenzies. 

Chapter Eleven

Write the letter of the synonym next to the vocabulary word.

1. extraordinary =                           a. inexpressible

2. aggressive.   =                            b. elation

3. truant            =                            c. cynical

4. indefinable.   =                            d. remarkable

5. disillusioned. =                           e. unavoidable

6. diligent          =                            f. chaos

7. inevitable      =                            g. sufferer

8. martyr.          =                            h. belligerent

9. ecstasy.        =                             i. industrious

10. pandemonium =                        j. absentee


Choose a major event from this   chapter and then complete the following chart with the important details. 


What happened? 


Who was there? 


Why did it happen?


When did it happen? 


Where did it happen? 

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