Posted: June 11th, 2022

Pollution | Criminal homework help

 Please provide a 150 word response to the student discussion below:

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The cutting of trees, also known as deforestation, is a significant issue in various countries that can cause pollution to the environment. When the importance of trees is known and understood, the problems of cutting trees will be reduced. There are various essential uses of trees, including giving us oxygen, helping stabilize the soil, and providing raw materials for tools and building constructions. There are reasons why people cut trees, including creating space for cattle farming and planting crops, for materials for building construction and others. The cutting of trees causes different pollutions of air and global warming. Trees store and use carbon dioxide to grow, and when they are cut down, the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. According to (Union of Concerned Scientists (2021), when carbon dioxide is released into the air, it makes up less than ten percent of global warming. Other causes of deforestation are climate change, desertification, soil erosion, flooding, and increased greenhouse gases. Some various ways and solutions can help reduce deforestation and its effects. One of the ways to secure the trees is by improving the governance and the rights of forest communities. Putting laws in place will help people not to be involved in carelessly cutting trees. People will be sacred to cut trees, and they will maximize their land. In addition, when one cuts trees, they will need to plant two or more trees according to the law, which is practiced locally and globally (Greenpeace, 2020). Another way deforestation is being handled both locally and internationally is by educating community members on the importance of conserving the environment and the impacts of trees around the world. When people know the importance of trees, they will not be involved in deforestation, and trees will be conserved. The air pollution and global warming will also not be experienced. Trees are essential in the environment, and they ought to be conserved. 

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