Posted: June 10th, 2022

Comp 1 week 8: knowledge check reflection: genre diversity and you


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 This week you read two very different author’s impressions of genre and what it means to identify and produce different kinds of texts. Consider the arguments of Donald Murray and Kerri closely as you complete this knowledge check reflection. As you finish your final es.say assignment and our final course reflection, consider deeply how your own writing identity and understanding of genre has transformed this semester. As you draft this Knowledge Check, consider the genres you have practiced this semester and the ones you’ve historically worked in, specific to your own career or educational background. What work is left to do?


You need to find examples from two different fields of academic arguments that strike you as being well written and effective. If possible, examine at least one from an online academic database so you can see what features periodical articles tend to offer. Then spend time looking at each of your academic articles and arguments closely and answering and reflect on the following questions: 

  • Do they exemplify the key features of academic arguments described in Chapter 17? 
  • How are these academic articles organized? 
  • What use do they make of visuals? 
  • What aspects of Dirk and Murray can you identify in each of these academic articles? Particularly, do you see distinguished genre features or the author’s identity in these texts? 

You may find these articles using an online search engine or may utilize the databases from week three.


  • Reflection must meet a minimum of 500 words in length 
  • Original Title at the top of your reflection  “Walker WK1 Reflection” is not original. Try and think outside of the box and pull something unique and individual from our weekly assigned readings
  • Assignment will be Assessed using Knowledge Check Rubric

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