Posted: June 9th, 2022

Week 7 assignment – chapter 12 & 13 /no plagarism professor uses

Chapter 12

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1.  Explain why law enforcement is making greater strides in understanding domestic terrorism. 

2.  Explain the difference between extremism and terrorism.

3.  What is Christian Identity and how has it helped to provide the basis for violence among the extremists? 

4.  Discuss David Nice’s theory of violence and abortion clinic bombings.

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5.  Explain the formation of the Earth Liberation Front.

6.  Describe how the United States has been affected by homegrown terrorists.

7.    Explain the three historical phases of the KKK.

Chapter 13

  1. Why is there confusion in defining Homeland Security?
  2. Describe the interdepartmental structure of the Department of Homeland Security.
  3. Explain the comparison of intelligence gathering to academic research, as indicated in the text. Explain how this process is directly applicable to gathering intelligence.
  4. Define national security intelligence and criminal intelligence. What is the difference between national security and law enforcement? According to Richard Best, what two channels of information should law enforcement plan and develop?
  5. Why do symbols hold special importance for terrorism and counterterrorism?
  6.  What did Nancy Tucker suggest as the failure of the 9/11 intelligence analysis? Discuss the response of Congress to these failures.

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