Posted: June 9th, 2022

Holland’s theory theoretical model to use as a lens for discussion | COUN 6215 – Lifespan Development | Walden University


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For this discussion, you will be working once again with your client family. Your client is a young adult with specific presenting issues. The clients and age are
Kelsey (Jeong) — age 26

main discussion post should address all areas of the discussion prompt.  An outline for your post might look like this:

Introduction (no heading)
— brief overview of Kelsey Jeong & presenting issues
— identification of developmental theory you are using to conceptualize this client. The Theory is Holland

— identification of Kelsey Jeong developmental level or stage according to the Holland’s theory
Promoting Positive Development
— how you will develop rapport and promote engagement in counseling
— how the Holland’s theory will help you with this task
— approach/goals based on (Holland’s theory) developmental theory and level
— why and how developmental theory helps to conceptualize client
— why and how developmental theory supports counselor’s efforts to facilitate development

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Resources used should include the Broderick and Blewitt (2020) text and at least 1-2 peer-reviewed articles you found to support your points.  

Your main discussion post should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and an ability to apply concepts. All posts should adhere to APA format 

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