Posted: June 5th, 2022

8500-discussion – 1 | Human Resource Management homework help

Leadership, Management, and Systems Thinking

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What does leadership mean to you? Additionally, how do leadership and leadership responsibilities differ between health care administration leaders and managers? The difference between health care administration leadership and health care management may be highlighted by the way in which each uses a systems approach in solving health issues. Although health care administration leadership and health care management may use a systems approach differently, the use of a systems approach provides leaders and managers with access to more resources for solving health problems. To illustrate this point, think of the role a system plays in preventing a pandemic outbreak and how access to additional resources may assist health care administration leadership effectiveness. As a result, think about how a systems thinking approach might impact your definition of health care administration leadership.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources. Consider how you define health care administration leadership and how your definition applies a systems thinking approach. Also, think about the differences between health care administration leadership and health care management. Think of an example to illustrate this difference.

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