Posted: May 25th, 2022

Create a hypothetical agency | Management homework help

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  • Description of agency/department.
  • Vision statement. Describes what your agency is working towards. The vision statement is typically broad. Reflect on the vision statement of LSTS at the end of your syllabus as an example.
  • Mission Statement. A mission statement is more tangible that your vision statement and should incorporate action verbs such as promote, design, educate, etc. 
  • Evaluation – method to measure degree of successful attainment of goals and objects at end of year. Will you use a formative and/or summative evaluation process?


Staffing and Resources 

  • Organizational chart should include five to seven positions.
  • Position descriptions for two of the positions in your organizational chart.
  • Employee training policies.
  • Personnel policies: Evaluation procedures of personnel.

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