Posted: May 23rd, 2022

Looking for a statistics and rstudio expert!


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Read carefully! 

This is a practice assessment in order to find someone who is capable of doing the real exam. I will obviously pay more for the real assessment.

The assessment is based in Australian time 11 am on 26/06/2020. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE DURING THIS TIME!!!

This is a timed assessment that goes for 1 hour 45 mins.

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I am looking for someone highly skilled in these statistics topics:

– RStudio

– Hypothesis testing

– Numerical summaries (in RStudio)

– One-sample t-test

– One-sample t-test in RStudio

– Linking t-tests and Confidence intervals

– t-test of differences 

– Two-sample t-test

– Meeting conditions of hypothesis tests

– Two-sample t-test Vs t-test of differences 

– Two categorical variables

– Table of counts and contingency tables

– Proportions

– Chi-squared test with hypothesis 

– Expected counts

– Expected counts Vs observed counts

– Two numerical variables (Numerical bivariate data)

– Linear models

– Correlation coefficient

– Fitting linear models (Intercept and Slope)

– Using the linear model (Linear model equation)

– Prediction

– Extrapolation

– Residuals and conditions 

– Residuals formula 

– Residuals plot

– One-sample t-test of slope

– Collecting data (parameter, statistic, sampling frame)

– Statistical Vs Non-statistical sampling

– sampling methods (simple random, systematic, stratified, cluster)

– Sampling error

– Experimental units (treated, response)

– Experimental design (replication, randomisation, blinding, pairing)

– Experimental design Vs Observational studies

– Lurking variables

– Normal distribution

– Empirical rule (arising from data)

– Standard normal distribution

– Z-score

– Sampling distributions

– Standard error

– Central limit theorem 

– Confidence intervals

– Conditions for confidence intervals

– Interpreting confidence intervals

– Confidence intervals adding to conclusion of hypothesis test

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