Posted: May 23rd, 2022

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Put on Your Thinking Cap Questions


a) How might a security administrator use SNMP Get commands to access points?

b) How does centralized management provide for the detection of rogue access points?

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c) Comment on the cost of central access point management.


a) When two devices communicate using NFC, how close must they be?

b) How does near field communication differ from normal radio communication?

c) Passive RFID chips have no batteries. How can they transmit when queried?

d) What is the state of NFC standards?


a) What kind of network is Zigbee used for?

b) Compare the roles of Zigbee controllers, Zigbee end devices, and Zigbee routers. In what radio bands does Zigbee operate?

c) What other ad hoc networking protocol is widely used?

d) In what radio band or bands does it operate?

IV – In the Ms. Betsy Davis case at the beginning, the access point on the local network did not have security. This makes a man-in-the-middle attack much easier.

a) Given what you learned in this, describe how it would be possible to use a man-in-the-middle attack i9f the legitimate access point does not implement 802.11i.

b) How can you get the user to associate with your evil twin access point? (The answer is not in the text).

V – Create a policy for 802.11 Wi-Fi security in a wireless network in a five-person company with one access point. This is not a trivial task. Do not just jot down a few notes. Make it a one-page document for people in your firm to read, not something for your teacher to read. All must be done in APA format.

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