Posted: May 22nd, 2022

The story of a transnational phenomenon (7-8 pages)

Peer Review Questions for Project 3

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Answer the following questions for your peer. Each number must be completely answered (do not skip a question). You should have an answer to the question and an explanation. . Otherwise, you will be counted absent for two days

1. Describe your favorite thing about this essay.

2. How does the author of the essay introduce the phenomenon (the topic)? For example, does the author describe the phenomenon in the introduction? How? Explain why you think this introduction is successful or not.

3. Does the author do a good job of getting the audience’s attention in the introduction? Explain why you think yes or no. 

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4. What is the thesis of this essay? Does it contain all 4 required parts? (1-the word popular or a synonym, 2-the word international or a synonym, 3-the word because, and 4-a reason why this phenomenon is popular). 

Explain whether you think the thesis is strong and clear or not.

5. How well does the author organize the body paragraphs? For example, does each body paragraph contain one topic that includes information from the primary source and sometimes information from the secondary sources? Explain one thing the author can improve on in the body paragraph organization.

6. Are there any body paragraphs that only contain information from the secondary source(s)? If yes, explain which body paragraph it is and suggest one way to fix the problem. If no, explain how the author managed to keep control of the essay. For example, explain that the author always introduces the topic and explains it before they use a source. 

7. Does the author use pictures or videos? Explain whether you think these pictures or videos are adding positive value to the essay or not

8. Are the pictures or videos the correct size (1/8 of a page) and formatted correctly (no extra space before or after the video)? If no, explain which ones are causing a problem.

9. When you read the essay, do you feel that the author is writing for an audience of people who enjoy the topic or phenomenon? For example, if the phenomenon is a song, is the essay talking to people who love music? Explain why you think the author is successful or not at reaching their specific audience. 


10. Does the author include a conclusion that summarizes and explains the argument about why this phenomenon is so popular internationally? What is the best part of the conclusion? Explain what makes that the best part and suggest one change or one thing that can be added to the conclusion that will improve it. 

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