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Netw 563 wireless networks complete course & final exam

NETW 563 Wireless Networks Complete Course & Final Exam


Week 1:

Wireless Basics – Discussion 1

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Standards (Graded)

Wireless technology has relied on standards since its outset. How has this assisted in the widespread acceptance of standards, and how do standards make it easier for us to purchase and use a wide variety of products?

Wireless Basics – Discussion 2

Antennas and RF (Graded)

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All forms of electromagnetic energy, from gamma rays to radio waves, travel through space in waves. How are radio waves generated, and how do they propagate? Discuss the physical differences between radio waves and light or heat waves.

Week 2:

 OSI – Discussion 1

Wireless Modulation (Graded)

What are the four primary wireless modulation schemes? Which ones are used for WLANs, and what are their relative advantages and disadvantages?

OSI – Discussion 2

Access Control (Graded)

The MAC layer has the primary responsibility of controlling access to the wireless medium. What are the two procedures for transmitting on a WLAN specified by the IEEE 802.11 standard?

Week 2 Assignment:

NETW 563 Week 2 Case Study 1 Municipal Wifi


Week 3:

Planning the WLAN – Discussion 1

Designing the WLAN (Graded)

Explain the steps in designing a WLAN. How do you determine the network type, access point management strategy, and location of the APs?

Planning the WLAN – Discussion 2

Site Survey Analyzers (Graded)

What is the purpose of the analyzers? How can the information be used for configuration or troubleshooting purposes?

Week 3 Assignment:

NETW 563 Week 3 Course Project Proposal (The Athlete s Shack Wireless Upgrade)

Week 4:

WLAN Security – Discussion 1

Security Organizations (Graded)

Discuss some of the organizations dedicated to information security. Explain these organizations’ missions and goals. Is there an organization dedicated to wireless security? If so, please describe the organization and its goals.

WLAN Security – Discussion 2

Securing the WLAN (Graded)

How have the IEEE 802.11 security mechanisms for wireless networks fallen far short of their goal? What are the vulnerabilities?


Midterm Exam


Multiple Choice 8
Essay 6 
Page: 1
1. Question: (TCO A) An access point has a(n) _____ interface that allows it to connect to a wired network.        
2. Question: (TCO A) Waves that are continuous with no breaks represent a(n) _____ signal.
3. Question: (TCO C) In order to accommodate additional wireless users over a wider area, which configuration should be used?
4. Question: (TCO C) Each of the following is a wireless modulation scheme used in IEEE WLANs except
5. Question: (TCO D) Each of the following are times that a site survey should be performed except
6. Question: (TCO D) A device that converts direct current from a battery to alternating current is a(n)
7. Question: (TCO E) After the security flaws in WEP were publicized, the IEEE TGi task group released a new proposed implementation known as what?
8. Question: (TCO E) Which of the following is not a layer that protects information security?
Page: 2 
1. Question: (TCO A) Give a brief summary of the characteristics of IEEE 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g wireless networks.                
2. Question: (TCO A) Explain how an antenna functions.
3. Question: (TCO C) Explain how power management functions on an infrastructure network.
4. Question: (TCO C) Explain why Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection cannot be used on a WLAN.
5. Question: (TCO D) Describe two types of antennas that should be used on an AP when conducting a site survey.
6. Question: (TCO E) List two ways in which a denial of service (DoS) attack can be launched against a WLAN.

Week 5:

 Wireless Management – Discussion 1

SNMP (Graded)

SNMP is a protocol that allows computers and network equipment to gather data about network performance. It is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. Discuss the role of a software agent in SNMP, and explain the purpose of the MIB.

Wireless Management – Discussion 2

Troubleshooting (Graded)

Define the term troubleshooting. What does it mean to you? Discuss why troubleshooting wireless networks can be more challenging than troubleshooting wired networks. Please back up your posts with supporting evidence.

Week 5 Assignment:

NETW 563 Week 5 You Decide; Networking Problem of Richton Toys

Week 6:

 WPAN, WMAN – Discussion 1

Getting to 4G (Graded)

Is the United States on track for 4G deployment? What barriers do you foresee preventing widespread acceptance and deployment?

WPAN, WMAN – Discussion 2

The Future of Satellite Radio (Graded)

In 2008, XM and Sirius Radio were allowed to merge. Why did the FCC allow this merger? What is the future of this technology?

Week 6 Assignment:

NETW 563 Week 6 Case Study 2 Municipal Wifi in Bayton (Boon or Boondoggle)

Week 7:

Traffic Management – Discussion 1

Traffic Shaping (Graded)

What is traffic shaping? Why is traffic shaping a controversial topic?


Traffic Management – Discussion 2

Wireless Network Planning (Graded)

In a cellular or PCS network, what are some of the areas where traffic engineering comes into play? For example, one could use traffic engineering to determine the number of trunks needed to backhaul wireless traffic from the MSC to the PSTN. What are some other points in the network that should be sized?

Week 7 Assignment:

NETW 563 Week 7 Course Project – Final Report (The Athlete s Shack Wireless Upgrade)

Week 8:

 Final Exam – Discussion

Looking Ahead (not Graded)

Class, looking back over the Terminal Course Objectives for this course, what are you looking forward to learning more about throughout your education and career?


NETW 563 Final Exam

Multiple Choice: 8        

Essay: 8              

Page: 1 Multiple Choice 

  1. Question: (TCO A) A wireless client network interface card performs each of the following tasks except
  2. Question: (TCO A) A _____ is a million hertz.
  3. Question: (TCO B) Cellular networks employ multiple ______ power transmitters.
  4. Question: (TCO C) _____ is a group of wireless devices that is served by a single access point (AP).
  5. Question: (TCO D) _____ is the expression often used to describe a work environment in which an employee can have continual access to the data that is needed for making decisions.
  6. Question: (TCO E) Guarding the availability of information is achieved by
  7. Question: (TCO F) Which type of statistic is measured by the GoS?
  8. Question: (TCO G) _____ provides users the freedom to roam beyond their home subnets while still maintaining their home IP addresses.

Page: 2 Essay

  1. Question: (TCO A) What is polarization, and why is it important to WLANs?
  2. Question: (TCO B) Explain how an IEEE 802.15.1 (Bluetooth) piconet functions.
  3. Question: (TCO C) Explain how power management functions on an infrastructure network.
  4. Question: (TCO D) What are the three considerations when installing and configuring an ad hoc network?

Page: 3 Essay

  1. Question: (TCO E) Explain how WEP violates the “cardinal rule” of cryptography.
  2. Question: (TCO E) What is a dictionary attack?
  3. Question: (TCO F) Blocked calls can be handled in two ways. Describe the two methods of handling blocked calls.
  4. Question: (TCO G) Describe the two types of RF amplifiers.

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