Posted: May 15th, 2022

Information security & risk | Information Systems homework help


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Reflect on the following in a minimum of 350 words each.

1. Effective Information Security Governance

​​​​​​​Information security has evolved from a solely technical requirement to a strategic organization requirement supporting mission performance, financial goals, protection of intellectual capital, and regulatory compliance. In addition to a global environment with increasing cyber risks and cloud computing, organizations have increasingly dynamic complex organizational structures and supply chains. Effective information security governance and risk management require an enterprise perspective. The concept of an enterprise boundary is evolving.

  • Reflecting on your experience, the course materials,      and any independent research, share the primary drivers of effective      information security governance in either a public or private      organization. Explain the potential influence of information security      governance on executive decision-making, risk, and regulatory compliance.

2. Importance of Information Security Governance

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Reflect on various information security goals, processes, and related leadership responsibilities that you have learned about in this module.

  • Describe what information security governance goals,      processes, and related leadership responsibilities are most important to      you. Share 2 examples of how information classification influences      information security governance. How does information security assurance      relate to organization governance?

3. Risk Management and Compliance in an Organization

Reflect on an organization that must meet complex security and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Explain 2 similarities and 2 differences between risk      management, regulatory compliance, and other forms of compliance that      influence risk mitigation plan development within the selected      organization context. You may need to do additional research on legal and      regulatory requirements.

4. The Goals and Process of an Information Security Program

​​​​​​​Reflect on an information security program in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar.

  • Describe the primary goals and process for developing      an information security program in that organization. Who should lead this      development and who manages the program? How will the information security      program policies and procedures be communicated to employees and enforced?      What are the applicable measurements and requirements for a successful      information security program?

5. Developing an Incident Response Plan 

​Reflect on a recent cyber security attack.

  • Provide a brief overview of a potential incident      response plan requirements and processes that you would recommend. How      should the incident response plan be tested?

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